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Premier Khrushchev's Travels in 1960

During 1960 Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev paid state visits to India (February 11-15), Burma (February 16-17), Indonesia (February 18-March 1), Afghanistan (March 2-5), France (March 23-April 3), Austria (June 30-July 8), and Finland (September 2-4).

At the beginning of February Khrushchev presided in Moscow over a meeting of First Secretaries of Communist Parties and Prime Ministers of the eight members of the Warsaw Treaty Organization.

On May 14 Khrushchev arrived in Paris, France, to attend the "Big Four" summit conference. After causing its collapse, he returned to Moscow, stopping in East Berlin where, on May 20, he said that the Soviet Union would do nothing to worsen the international situation.

Khrushchev is escorted through the streets of East Berlin by East German Communist Party chief Walter Ulbricht and Premier Otto Grotewohl, on May 19.
Khrushchev in Berlin

From June 20 to 25 Khrushchev was in Bucharest, Romania, where a meeting of First Secretaries of 12 Communist parties was held. In a public speech on June 21 he reaffirmed his view that Lenin's theory of the inevitability of war under capitalism no longer applied, in opposition to the opinion of Communist China.

On June 30, Khrushchev arrived in Vienna, Austria, to return the visit of the Austrian President to Moscow, Russia, the previous autumn. He then traveled to Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, and Fraz, attacking the non-Communist world in his speeches wherever he went.

Khrushchev presents a silver Sputnik medal to Austrian President Adolf Schärf.
Khrushchev in Vienna

Khrushchev enjoys himself at a luncheon in Vienna on June 30. Leopold Figi, president of the Austrian National Assembly is at Khrushchev's left.
lunch in Vienna

On September 19 Khrushchev arrived in New York City to take part in the United Nations General Assembly, before which he delivered a 2-1/2-hour speech on the 23rd. On October 1 he spoke to the General Assembly concerning China's representation; two days later, on reorganization of the Secretariat; on October 11, on disarmament; on October 12, on granting independence to the remaining colonies. He left New York on October 13.

Informal appearance of Khrushchev on the balcony of the headquarters of the Soviet delegation to the United Nations in September.
in New York

Khrushchev being interviewed on the television program "Open End" in New York City, New York, on October 9. Program director and host David Suskind is shown at left, an interpreter at right.
Khrushchev on Open End

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