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Republic of Armenia

Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun

Location extreme western Asia
Bordered By Georgia, Azerbaijan,
Iran, Turkey

Armenia on a map of Europe

map of Armenia

Area 11,480 sq mi (29,743 sq km)
Highest Point Aragats Lerrnagagat'; 13,419 ft (4,090 m)
Lowest Point Debed River; 1,312 ft (400 m)
Natural Resources small deposits of gold, copper, molybdenum, zinc, bauxite

Nationality Armenian
Population (July 2015)
Largest City Yerevan
Ethnic Groups Armenian, Yezidi (Kurd), Russian
Religions Armenian Apostolic, other Christian
Languages Armenian, Yezidi, Russian

Capital Yerevan
Form of Government republic
Present Constitution Adopted July 5, 1995 (amended November 27, 2005)
Chief of State
President Serzh Sargsian (since April 9, 2008)
Head of Government
Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan (since September 13, 2016)
Council of Ministers appointed by Prime Minister
unicameral National Assembly (Azgayin Zhoghov)
Constitutional Court; Court of Cassation
Local Administration
11 provinces (marzer)

Currency Dram
Per Capita Income
Industries diamond processing, metal-cutting machine tools, forging-pressing machines, electric motors, tires, knitted wear, hosiery, shoes, silk fabric, chemicals, trucks, instruments, microelectronics, jewelry manufacturing, software development, food processing, brandy
Agricultural Products grapes, other fruits, vegetables; livestock
Export Commodities pig iron, unwrought copper, nonferrous metals, diamonds, mineral products, foodstuffs, energy
Import Commodities natural gas, petroleum, tobacco products, foodstuffs, diamonds

Independence from the Soviet Union Achieved September 21, 1991
National Holiday Independence Day; September 21
Flag three equal horizontal bands of red, blue, and orange; the color red recalls the blood shed for liberty, blue the Armenian skies as well as hope, and orange the land and the courage of the workers who farm it

flag of Armenia


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