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Republic of Estonia

Eesti Vabarik

map of Estonia

Location northeastern Europe
Bordered By Russia,

Area 17,457 sq mi (45,228 sq km)
Coastline 2,357 mi (3,794 km)
Highest Point Suur Munamagi; 1,043 ft (318 m)
Lowest Point sea level
Natural Resources
oil shale, peat, rare earth elements, phosphorite, clay, limestone, sand, dolomite

Nationality Estonian
Population (July 2017 est)
Largest Cities Tallinn, Tartu, Narva, Parnu
Ethnic Groups Estonian, Russian
Religions Orthodox, Lutheran
Languages Estonian (official), Russian

Capital Tallinn
Form of Government parliamentary republic
Present Constitution Adopted June 28, 1992
Chief of State President Kersti Kaljulaid (since October 10, 2016)
Head of Government Prime Minister Juri Ratas (since November 23, 2016)
appointed by Prime Minister
unicameral Parliament (
Supreme Court
Local Administration
15 counties (

Currency Kroon
Per Capita Income
engineering, electronics, wood and wood products, textiles, information technology, telecommunications
Agricultural Products
grain, potatoes, vegetables; livestock and dairy products; fish
Export Commodities
machinery and electrical equipment, wood and wood products, metals, furniture, vehicles and parts, food products and beverages, textiles, plastics
Import Commodities
machinery and electrical equipment, mineral fuels, chemical products, foodstuffs, plastics, textiles

Independence from the Soviet Union Achieved September 6, 1991
National Holiday
Independence Day; February 24 (the date in 1918 that Estonia declared its independence from Soviet Russia)
blue represents faith, loyalty, and devotion, while also reminiscent of the sky, sea, and lakes of the country; black symbolizes the soil of the country, as well as the dark past and suffering endured by the Estonian people; white refers to the striving towards enlightenment and virtue, and is the color of birch bark and snow, as well as summer nights illuminated by the midnight sun

flag of Estonia


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