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  General and Old World HistoryBalkan PeninsulaRomania1866/1881-1944
Michael after his abdicationMichael

the last King of Romania (reigned July 20, 1927 - June 8, 1930 and September 6, 1940 - December 30, 1947)


The already tense relations between King Michael and the Romanian government got worse over the summer of 1947. Several clashes were reported to have occurred with respect to fundamental changes in Romania's legal system, which were desired by the government in order to strengthen its control. Another difference arose in connection with the King's speech at the opening of Parliament in October. The speech, drafted by the government, proclaimed Romania's alliance with the Soviet Union regarding foreign policy; King Michael wanted to link Romania with the United Nations.

The main break with the Romanian government began after the King returned to Romania from the wedding of Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain, when it was reported that the government opposed the King's engagement to Princess Anne of Bourbon-Parma and Denmark. Citing the monarchy's impediment to the further development of the country, Michael abdicated on December 30, 1947, after which the Romanian Parliament elected a five-member Presidium and proclaimed a People's Republic.

Right: Ex-king Michael and his mother, the former Queen Helen, in Lausanne, Switzerland, following his abdication.

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In the Year 1947

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