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Territory of Christmas Island

Origin of Name named in 1643 for the day of its discovery

Location in the Indian Ocean, about 310 miles south of Java

location of Christmas Island

map of Christmas Island

Area 52 sq mi (135 sq km)
Highest Point Murray Hill; 1,184 ft (361 m)
Lowest Point sea level
Natural Resources phosphate

Nationality Christmas Islanders
Population (July 2015)
Ethnic Groups Chinese, European, Malay
Religions Buddhist, Christian, Muslim
Languages English (official), Chinese, Malay

Form of Government non-self-governing territory of Australia
Present Constitution Adopted October 1, 1958
The Settlement
Chief of State Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (since February 6, 1952); represented by Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia Sir Peter Cosgrove (since March 24, 2014)
Head of Government Administrator Natasha Griggs (since October 5, 2017)
Legislature unicameral Shire Council

Currency Australian Dollar (AUD)
tourism, phosphate extraction
Agricultural Products
Export Commodities phosphate
Import Commodities consumer goods

National Holiday Australia Day; January 26 (1788)
Became an Australian Territory October 1, 1958
Flag the upper triangle is green with a yellow image of the Golden Bosun Bird superimposed; the lower triangle is blue with the Southern Cross constellation, representing Australia, superimposed; a centered yellow disk displays a green map of the island (the flag of Australia is used for official purposes)

flag of Christmas Island

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