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Royal Palace Museum

in Luang Prabang

the Royal Palace as it looked in 1973
Royal Palace in 1973

Officially known as Haw Kham, the Royal Palace in Luang Prabang was built for King Sisavong Vong and his family; construction began in 1904 and was completed in 1909. Its site on the Mekong River was chosen so that official visitors could disembark from their river voyages directly below the palace. The palace remained the home of the royal family until the monarchy was overthrown in 1975, after which it was converted into a national museum.

In addition to the palace itself, other structures on the grounds of the National Museum include a Kitchen/Storage, the Royal Barge Shelter, a Chapel (Haw Prabang), a Conference Hall, and a statue of King Sisavong. The architecture of the Palace has a mixture of traditional Lao motifs and French Beaux Arts styles. Museum exhibits include artifacts covering Laotian history and culture (from the Lane Xang Dynasty through the colonial period to the present), as well as paintings and other items presented to Laos as diplomatic gifts from other nations, including a piece of moon rock obtained during one of the Apollo missions.The Crown Jewels of Laos are displayed in the former Throne Room.

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