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Kingdom of Cambodia

Preahreacheanachakr Kampuchea

Location Southeastern Asia
Bordered By Thailand,
Laos, Vietnam

Cambodia on the map

map of Cambodia

Total Area 69,898 sq mi (181,035 sq km)
Greatest Distance E-W 350 mi (563 km)
Greatest Distance N-S 280 mi (451 km)
Coastline 220 mi (354 km)
Highest Point Phnum Aoral; 5,938 ft (1,810 m)
Lowest Point Gulf of Thailand; sea level
Natural Resources oil and gas, timber, gemstones, iron ore, manganese, phosphates, hydropower potential

Nationality Cambodian
Population (2015 est)
Largest Cities Phnom Penh
Ethnic Groups Khmer, Vietnamese
Religions Theravada Buddhist
Languages Khmer (official), French, English

Capital Phnom Penh
Form of Government democracy under a constitutional monarchy
Current Constitution Adopted
September 21, 1993
Chief of State
King Norodom Sihamoni (since October 29, 2004)
Head of Government
Prime Minister Hun Sen (since January 14, 1985)
Council of Ministers appointed by the monarch
bicameral; National Assembly and Senate
Supreme Council of the Magistracy, Supreme Court
Local Administration
23 provinces (khatt) and 1 municipality (krong)

Currency Riel
Per Capita Income
Industries tourism, garments, rice milling, fishing, wood and wood products, rubber, cement, gem mining, textiles
Agricultural Products rice, rubber, corn, vegetables, cashews, tapioca
Export Commodities clothing, timber, rubber, rice, fish, tobacco, footwear
Import Commodities petroleum products, cigarettes, gold, construction materials, machinery, motor vehicles, pharmaceutical products

Independence from France Achieved November 9, 1953
three horizontal bands of blue, red, and blue, with a white three-towered temple representing Angkor Wat outlined in black in the center band

flag of Cambodia


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