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The Federation of Malaya

became an independent nation on August 31, 1957, after 83 years of British rule.

A constitutional monarchy within the British Commonwealth of Nations, the government of Malaya was based on parliamentary democracy with a bicameral legislature. Sir Abdul Rahman Ibni al-Marhum, King of the State of Negri Sembilan, was elected by his fellow monarchs to a five-year term as Paramount Ruler. Power in the government rested with Prime Minister Tengku (Prince) Abdul Rahman.

Flanked by a guard of honor, Sir Abdul Rahman Ibni al-Marhum (with his consort) is formally installed as the first Paramount Ruler of Malaya.
Malaysia installation ceremony

Malaya's Paramount Ruler and his consort.
Sir Abdul Rahman Ibni al-Marhum

The most serious problem faced by the new nation's government was the Communist terrorist war that had been raging for nine years. On September 3, a new amnesty offer, good until the end of the year, was extended to the Communists.

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