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ja pan', a constitutional monarchy off the east coast of mainland Asia

General Information

Japan in 1958
Japan in 1958
Crown Prince Akihito was betrothed to Michiko Shoda, the daughter of a wealthy flour mill owner, in November, thus becoming the first heir to the Japanese throne to choose a future empress from outside the nobility.
Japan in 1960
Japan in 1960
Almost all of the news in 1960 was "inspired" by the signing of a revised United States-Japan security agreement.
Japan: Facts and Figures
Local Name Nippon. Origin of Name The English word Japan comes from the word Cipangu, which was how Marco Polo wrote the Chinese word for "the country of Japan." The Japanese name for the country, Nippon, translates to "origin of the sun." Total Area 145,711 sq mi. Population 127,253,075. Capital Tokyo.
became Emperor of Japan in 1926. During World War II, he refused to leave the Imperial Palace, despite the bombings of Tokyo and the threat of a U.S. invasion. After the war, he helped smooth the transfer of control of Japan to the United States, and allowed Japan to retain all its dignity despite having been defeated.
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