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i rak', a republic in southwestern Asia


ruled Babylon from 1792 to 1750 B.C. During his reign the Babylonian Empire was expanded to include almost all of Mesopotamia, and it was run with an efficiency rarely seen in the ancient world. His most famous accomplishment was the Code of Hammurabi, one of the earliest (but not the first) systems of written law.
Nebuchadnezzar IINebuchadnezzar II
assumed the Babylonian throne in 605 B.C. and ruled until his death in 562 B.C. He expanded the Babylonian Empire, and as he did so he used the tolls and taxes he collected to make Babylon one of the most magnificent cities of the ancient world. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were among the wonders built during his reign.
Iraq in 1958Iraq in 1958
On February 14, the kings of Iraq and Jordan signed an agreement for the union of their two countries as the Arab Federated State. On July 17, King Faisal and many other members of the royal family were killed in a revolution.
Iraq in 1959Iraq in 1959
1959 Assassination Attempt1959 Assassination Attempt

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