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map of Taiwan Taiwan

tI' wan', an island off the southeast coast of China

Taiwan Facts and FiguresFacts and Figures Origin of Name Tayowan was the name of a coastal sandbank where the Dutch East India Company built Fort Zeelandia, the headquarters of their colony on the island. Area 13,887 sq mi. Population 23,464,787. Capital Taipei.
Formosa in 1957Formosa in 1957
Formosa in 1958Formosa in 1958 Domestic politics and the Communist bombardment of Nationalist islands in the Formosa Strait dominated the news from Formosa in 1958.
Formosa Strait in 1958Formosa Strait in 1958 It was estimated that Communist MIG-17's flew 90 sorties near Quemoy on August 12 in the first heavy Communist air activity in the area since 1954.
Formosa in 1960Formosa in 1960 Despite his inability to recover mainland China for the Nationalists, Chiang Kai-shek was elected to a third term as President of Nationalist China in 1960.
Taiwan in 1962Taiwan in 1962
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