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Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Xianggang Tebie Xingzhengqu

location of Hong Kong

map of Hong Kong

Area 426.25 sq mi (1,104 sq km)
Coastline 455.5 mi (733 km)
Highest Point
Tai Mo Shan; 3,143 ft (958 m)
Lowest Point sea level
Natural Resources feldspar

Nationality Chinese
Population (June 2015 est)
Ethnic Groups Chinese
Languages Cantonese (official), English (official)
Religions no majority

Dependency Status special administrative region of China
Form of Government limited democracy
Present Constitution Adopted March 1990
Chief of State President of China Xi Jinping (since March 14, 2013)
Head of Government
Chief Executive Carrie Lam (since July 1, 2017)
Cabinet Executive Council
Legislature unicameral Legislative AssemblyCouncil
Judiciary Court of Final Appeal

Per Capita Income $54,700
textiles, clothing, tourism, banking, shipping, electronics, plastics, toys, watches, clocks
Agricultural Products
fresh vegetables; poultry, pork; fish
Export Commodities
electrical machinery and appliances, textiles, apparel, footwear, watches and clocks, toys, plastics, precious stones, printed material
Import Commodities
raw materials and semi-manufactures, consumer goods, capital goods, foodstuffs, fuel (most is re-exported)

National Holiday National Day (Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China); October 1 (1949)
Flag red with a stylized, white, five-petal Bauhinia flower in the center; each petal contains a small, red, five-pointed star in its middle; the red color is the same as that on the Chinese flag and represents the motherland; the fragrant Bauhinia - developed in Hong Kong the late 19th century - has come to symbolize the region; the five stars echo those on the flag of China

flag of Hong Kong

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