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map of Togo Togo

tO' gO, a republic in western Africa

Togolese RepublicTogolese Republic Local Name République Togolaise. Origin of Name Derived from the Ewe words "to," meaning water, and "go," meaning "shore."Area 21,622 sq mi. Population 7,351,374. Capital Lomé. Independence from UN Trusteeship Achieved April 27, 1960.
Gnassingbe EyademaGnassingbé Eyadéma (born Étienne Eyadéma) was part of the military coup which assassinated President Sylvanus Olympio in 1963, as well as the coup which peacefully overthrew President Nicolas Grunitzky in 1967. He subsequently ruled Togo as a virtual dictator until his death in 2005.
Freedom MonumentFreedom Monument Located in Lomé, the Freedom Monument was erected to mark Togoland's independence from a United Nations trusteeship and the establishent of the Togolese Republic on April 27, 1960.
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