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United Republic of Tanzania

Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania

map of Tanzania

Location eastern Africa
Bordered By Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya

location of Tanzania in Africa

Area 365,755 sq mi (947,300 sq km)
Coastline 885 mi (1,424 km)
Highest Point Mount Kilimanjaro; 19,341 ft (5,895 m)
Lowest Point Indian Ocean; 0 ft (0 m)
Natural Resources hydropower, tin, phosphates, iron ore, coal, diamonds, gemstones, gold, natural gas, nickel

Nationality Tanzanian
Population (July 2015 est)
Largest Cities Dar es Salaam
Ethnic Groups Bantu
Religions Christian, Muslim, indigenous
Languages Swahili (official), English (official), Arabic

Capital Dar es Salaam
Form of Government Republic
Present Constitution Adopted May 20, 1972
Chief of State and Head of Government
President John Magufuli (since November 5, 2015)
Cabinet Cabinet, appointed by the President from among members of the National Assembly
Legislature unicameral National Assembly (Bunge)
Permanent Commission of Enquiry, Court of Appeal, High Court, District Courts; Primary Courts
Administrative Divisions
30 regions

Currency Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)
Per Capita Income
Industries agricultural processing, mining (diamonds, gold, and iron), salt, soda ash, cement, oil refining, shoes, apparel, wood products, fertilizer
Agricultural Products coffee, sisal, tea, cotton, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), cashew nuts, tobacco, cloves, corn, wheat, cassava (tapioca), bananas, fruits, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats
Export Commodities gold, coffee, cashew nuts, manufactures, cotton
Import Commodities consumer goods, machinery and transportation equipment, industrial raw materials, crude oil

Independence from a UK-administered UN Trusteeship Achieved (as Tanganyika) December 9, 1961
Union with Zanzibar April 26, 1964
National Holiday Union Day, April 26
Flag green represents the natural vegetation of the country, gold its rich mineral deposits, black the native Swahili people, and blue the country's many lakes and rivers, as well as the Indian Ocean

flag of Tanzania

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