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Republic of Rwanda

Republika y'u Rwanda

map of Rwanda

Origin of Name the country shares its name with the dominant language, Ruanda

Location eastern Africa
Bordered By
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi

Area 10,169 sq mi (26,338 sq km)
Greatest Distance E-W 145 mi (233 km)
Greatest Distance N-S 110 mi (177 km)
Highest Point
Volcan Karisimbi; 14,826 ft (4,519 m)
Lowest Point
Rusizi River; 3,117 ft (950 m)
Natural Resources gold, cassiterite (tin ore), wolframite (tungsten ore), methane, hydropower, arable land

Nationality Rwandan
Population (July 2016 est)
Largest Cities Kigali
Ethnic Groups Hutu (Bantu), Tutsi (Hamitic), Twa (Pygmy)
Religions Roman Catholic, Protestant
Languages Kinyarwanda

Capital Kigali
Form of Government republic
Present Constitution Adopted May 26, 2003
Chief of State
President Paul Kagame (since April 22, 2000)
Head of Government
Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi (since July 24, 2014)
Cabinet Council of Ministers
Legislature bicameral Parliament
Supreme Court
Administrative Divisions
4 provinces

Currency franc
Per Capita Income
Industries cement, agricultural products, small-scale beverages, soap, furniture, shoes, plastic goods, textiles, cigarettes
Agricultural Products coffee, tea, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), bananas, beans, sorghum, potatoes; livestock
Export Commodities coffee, tea, hides, tin ore
Import Commodities foodstuffs, machinery and equipment, steel, petroleum products, cement and construction material

Independence from U.N. Trusteeship under Belgian Administration Achieved July 1, 1962
National Holiday Independence Day; July 1
Flag three horizontal bands of sky blue (top, double width), yellow, and green, with a golden sun with 24 rays near the fly end of the blue band; blue represents happiness and peace, yellow economic development and mineral wealth, green hope of prosperity and natural resources; the sun symbolizes unity, as well as enlightenment and transparency from ignorance

flag of Rwanda

Democratic Republic of the Congo

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