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Algeria in 1961

A referendum was held in both Algeria and France (as well as in most French overseas territories and department) on January 6-8 to ascertain public opinion of a plan proposed by French President Charles de Gaulle for the creation of an Algerian-administered state with its own government and to grant Algeria a right to future self-determination. The plan was approved by more than 70% of those voting in France and by more than 60% of those voting in Algeria.

A Muslim with a child on her back votes at a village near Algiers.
Muslim woman votes

Despite the vote, the rebel "Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic" (G.P.R.A.) declared its unwillingness to negotiate on any part of the plan except that dealing with self-determination, and talks scheduled for April 7 between the French and the G.P.R.A. were canceled.

On April 22-26 a military coup was attempted by elements of French forces stationed in Algeria in opposition to De Gaulle's Algerian policy. De Gaulle took a resolute stand and the coup was quickly brought to an end.

Leaders of the unsuccessful coup attempt, from left to right: Generals Jouhaud, Salan, Challe, and Zeller.
unsuccessful coup leaders

Muslim troops loyal to the French seize a rebel National Liberation Front (F.L.N.) activist in the Atlas Mountains.
capture of an FLN activist

Regular French soldiers stay on alert against renewed violence in Algiers in May as conferences between French and rebel leaders open at Evian-les-Bains, France.
French soldiers on alert

Women and children in the Muslim quarter of a city demonstrate in the streets on November 1, the seventh anniversary of the beginning of the Algerian civil war. The girl in the center is holding a rebel flag.
Muslim women and children demonstrate in the streets

In the Year 1961
Charles de Gaulle

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