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Republic of Madagascar

Repoblikan'i Madagasikara

Location about 240 mi (386 km) off the southeastern coast of Africa

map of Madagascar

Area 226,658 sq mi (587,041 sq km)
Greatest Distance N-S 980 mi (1,580 km)
Greatest Distance E-W 360 mi (579 km)
Coastline 2,600 mi (4,180 km)
Lowest Point sea level
Highest Point Maromokotro (2,876 m)
Natural Resources graphite, chrome, coal, bauxite, ilmenite, nickel, gold, oil, tar sands, uranium, precious and semi-precious stones, hardwoods

Population (2017) 25,854,161
Largest Cities
Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Mahajanga, Toamasina
Ethnic Groups Malagasy, Comoran, French, Indian, Chinese
traditional, Christian, Muslim
Malagasy (official), French (official), English (official)

Capital Antananarivo
Form of Government Republic
Current Constitution Adopted
March 1998
Chief of State
Hery Martial Rajaonarimampianina Rakotoarimana (since January 25, 2014)
Head of Government
Prime Minister Christian Ntsay
(since June 6, 2018)
Council of Ministers appointed by the Prime Minister
bicameral Parliament
Supreme Court, High Court of Justice, Constitutional High Court
Local Administration
22 regions

Unit of Currency ariary
Per Capita Income
Principal Industries
processed food, clothing, textiles, mining, paper, refined petroleum products, glassware, construction, soap, cement, tanning
Agricultural Products
rice, coffee, vanilla, sugar, cloves, cotton, sisal, peanuts, tobacco; seafood
Principal Exports
vanilla, coffee, cloves, shrimp, graphite, essential oils, apparel, industrials minerals and gemstones
Principal Imports
foodstuffs, fuel and energy, capital goods, vehicles, consumer goods and electronics

Independence from France Achieved June 26, 1960
white vertical stripe representing purity, with a red horizontal stripe for sovereignty over a green horizontal stripe for hope

flag of Madagascar

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