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Republic of the Congo

République du Congo

Origin of Name the country was named for the Congo River, which derived its name from the Kongo, a Bantu kingdom which occupied its mouth at the time of its discovery by the Portuguese

Location western Africa
Bordered By
Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola

location of the Republic of the Congo

Area 132,047 sq mi (342,000 sq km)
Greatest Distance N-S 590 mi (950 km)
Greatest Distance E-W 515 mi (829 km)
Coastline 100 mi (160 km)
Highest Point Mount Berongou; 2,962 ft (903 m)
Lowest Point Atlantic Ocean; sea level
Natural Resources petroleum, timber, potash, lead, zinc, uranium, copper, phosphates, gold, magnesium, natural gas, hydropower

map of the Republic of the Congo

Nationality Congolese
Population (July 2017 est)
Largest Cities Brazzaville
Ethnic Groups Kongo, Sangha, M'Bochi, Teke, Europeans
Religions Christian, animist, Muslim
Languages French (official), Lingala, Monokutuba, local languages and dialects

Capital Brazzaville
Form of Government republic
Present Constitution Adopted October 25, 2015
Chief of State and Head of Government
President Denis Sassou-Nguesso (since October 25, 1997)
Council of Ministers appointed by the President
bicameral Parliament
Supreme Court (Cour Supreme)
Local Administration
12 departments

Currency franc
Per Capita Income
Industries petroleum extraction, cement, lumber, brewing, sugar, palm oil, soap, flour, cigarettes
Agriculture cassava, sugar, rice, corn, peanuts, vegetables, coffee, cocoa, forest products
Export Commodities petroleum, lumber, plywood, sugar, cocoa, coffee, diamonds
Import Commodities capital equipment, construction materials, foodstuffs

Independence from France Achieved August 15, 1960
National Holiday Independence Day; August 15
green symbolizes agriculture and forests, yellow the friendship and nobility of the people, red is unexplained but has been associated with the struggle for independence

flag of Republic of the Congo

Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo

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