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Federal Republic of Somalia

Jamhuuriyadda Federaalkaa Soomaaliya

map of Somalia

Location east Africa
Bordered By Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti

location of Somalia

Area 246,201 sq mi (637,657 sq km)
Greatest Distance E-W 730 mi (1,175 km)
Greatest Distance N-S 950 mi (1,529 km)
1,837 mi (2,956 km)
Highest Point
Shimbiris; 7,894 ft (2,406 m)
Lowest Point sea level
Natural Resources uranium and largely unexploited reserves of iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt, natural gas, likely oil reserves

Nationality Somali
Population (June 2014 est)
Largest Cities Mogadishu
Ethnic Groups Somali, Bantu
Religions Sunni Muslim (official)
Languages Somali (official), Arabic (official)

Capital Mogadishu
Form of Government transitional
Present Constitution Adopted August 1, 2012
Chief of State
President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed "Farmaajo" (since February 8, 2017)
Head of Government
Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre (since March 1, 2017)
appointed by the Prime Minister
unicameral National Parliament (Golaha Shacabka Soomaaliya)
Constitutional Court
Local Administration
18 regions

Currency Somali Shilling (SOS)
Per Capita Income
Industries sugar refining, textiles, wireless communication
Agriculture bananas, sorghum, corn, coconuts, rice, sugarcane, mangoes, sesame seeds, beans; cattle, sheep, goats; fish
Export Commodities livestock, bananas, hides, fish, charcoal, scrap metal
Import Commodities manufactures, petroleum products, foodstuffs, construction materials, qat

Independence Achieved July 1, 1960 (from a merger of British Somaliland that became independent from the United Kingdom on June 26, 1960 and Italian Somaliland that became independent from the Italian-administered UN trusteeship on July 1, 1960 to form the Somali Republic)
National Holiday Foundation of the Somali Republic; July 1
Flag the blue field was originally influenced by the flag of the UN, but today is said to denote the sky and the neighboring Indian Ocean; the five points of the star represent the five regions in the horn of Africa that are inhabited by Somali people: the former British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland (which together make up Somalia), Djibouti, Ogaden (Ethiopia), and the North East Province (Kenya)

flag of Somalia

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