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Main Index Page

The left-hand column of the main page lists all of the main categories found within The Robinson Library website; choose one of those if you want to just "look around" and see what is available. Each of these main categories is divided into multiple sub-categories, and many of them are subdivided even further. To see a general outline of the website, check out the Sitemap.

The "Keyword Search" option can be used if you have a subject in mind and want to see how many (if any) of the pages in the site have information on that subject. You may be as specific or general as you wish in your search, but as with any other search engine the more specific your keyword the more specific the result(s) will be. Spelling is important, since the search engine I use does not attempt to suggest alternate spellings. If searching for a specific person, type the name into the search box first-name-first in order to get a more accurate search result.

The "Subject Index" allows you to easily determine if The Library has any information on a specific subject. Simply click on the appropriate letter of the alphabet and then scroll down the appropriate page to see if your subject is listed. Only pages directly relevant to a given subject are indexed. If you don't see your subject on the page, chances are I don't currently have any information available. If this is the case, please let me know via e-mail; even if I can't get the appropriate information to you directly, I always like knowing what's missing and what needs to be added.

Newest additions to The Library are listed below the search and index..

Other Index Pages

All of the interior index pages use the same basic format as the main index page, minus the "Keyword Search" and "Subject Index" features.

Information Pages

Every page of actual information on this website follows the exact same format. The site banner is at the top, with graphic links to basic features of the site (Sitemap, Contact Information, Etc.). The first colored row provides graphic links to the specific portions of the site outline in which the particular page is located. The information itself comes next, followed by sources used (if any), and other relevant pages (if any). Textual links equal to the graphic links finish out the page.

To Suggest A Subject

If you cannot find any information about your subject on my site, please feel free to send me an e-mail and ask for my help. I may have the answer(s) you seek, even if I haven't created the appropriate page yet. I am always looking for new subjects, and what better way to determine what needs to be added than questions from my users? Send your requests for new subjects to

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