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1965 Track and Field Highlights

The University of Missouri won the NCAA Indoor Track Championship, even though it only won one event.

Southern California and Oregon tied at the NCAA Outdoor Track Championship, the first title split in the championship's 44-year history.

The Southern California Striders won the AAU Championship.

Records Set in 1965

Event New Record Set By Date Place
70-yard dash 0:06.8 Mel Pender    
440-yard dash 0:47.6 Ray Saddler    
1,000-meter run 2:16.2 Jurgen May    
3,000-meter run 7:39.5 Kipchoge Keino    
5,000-meter run 13:24.2 Kipchoge Keino    
10,000-meter run 27:39.4 Ron Clarke    
20,000-meter run 59:22.8 Ron Clarke    
mile run 3:53.6 Michael Jazy    
2-mile run 8:22.6 Michael Jazy    
3-mile run 12:52.4 Ron Clarke    
6-mile run 26:47.0 Ron Clarke    
10-mile run 47:12.8 Ron Clarke    
15-mile run 1:12:48.2 Ron Hill    
25-kilometer run 1:15:22.5 Ron Hill    
one-hour run 12 miles 1,066 yards 1 foot 10 inches Ron Clarke    
440-yard relay 0:39.7 Stanford    
one-mile relay 3:11.1 Texas Southern    
two-mile relay 7:18.3 Oklahoma State    
400-meter, indoor 0:46.8 Mike Larabee    
800-meter, indoor 1:47.4 Ted Nelson    
1,000-meter run, indoor 2:21.o Michael Jazy    
2,000-meter run, indoor 5:04.4 Michael Jazy    
5,000-meter run, indoor 13:58.4 Alan Simpson    
half mile, indoor 1:49.8 Tom Farrell    
hammer throw 241 feet 11 inches Gyula Zsivotzky    
discus throw 213 feet 11 inches Ludvik Danek    
shot put 70 feet 7 inches Randy Matson   Texas A&M
broad jump 27 feet 5 inches Ralph Boston    
shot put, indoor 66 feet 2 inches Randy Matson    

Randy Matson prepares to hurl the 16-pound shot a record 70 feet 7 inches.
Randy Matson preparing for his record shot put

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