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boxing Boxing

boks' ing, the act, technique, or profession of fighting with the fists

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George Edward ForemanGeorge Edward Foreman fought 18 matches as an amateur, and won 16 of them, and then won a gold medal at the 1968 Olympic Games. He turned professional in 1969, and became Heavyweight Champion of the World in 1973. He lost his championship to Muhammad Ali in 1974, but won it back at the age of 45 to become the oldest fighter ever to win the World Heavyweight crown.
Joe FrazierJoseph William Frazier won three straight Golden Gloves championships and took the Heavyweight Boxing Gold Medal at the 1964 Olympic Games before turning professional in 1965. He held the WBA Heavyweight Title from 1971 to 1973, and ended his professional career in 1981 with 32 wins (27 by KO), 4 losses (2 to Muhammad Ali), and 1 draw.
Joe LouisJoe Louis held the World Heavyweight Championship longer than any other boxer. He earned it by knocking out James Braddock on June 22, 1937, and held it through 24 challenges until retiring as undefeated champion in 1949.
Gene TunneyJames Joseph "Gene" Tunney won the North American light heavyweight title by defeating Battling Levinsky in 1922. He defeated Jack Dempsey to claim the world heavyweight title in 1926, defended that title twice (once against Dempsey), and retired from boxing in 1928.
1947 News and Highlights1947 Highlights On February 7 the New York State Athletic Commission revoked Rocky Graziano's boxing license for his failure to report a $100,000 bribe offer. Joe Louis successfully defended his World Heavyweight Title on December 5.
1956 Highlights On November 30, Floyd Patterson knocked out Archie Moore to become the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in modern ring history.
1957 Highlights1957 Highlights "Sugar Ray" Robinson earned the "distinction" of having lost, won, and lost his World Middleweight title in the span of a year. Heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson successfully defended his title twice in 1957.
19581958 Highlights "Sugar Ray" Robinson, weighing 159-3/4 pounds, won the world middleweight championship for the fifth time by scoring a 2-to-1 decision over Carmen Basilio, 153 pounds, in 15 rounds in Chicago, Illinois, on March 25.
1959 Highlights1959 Highlights The National Boxing Association vacated Sugar Ray Robinson's world middleweight title because of his failure to defend it as required. Ingemar Johansson knocked out Floyd Patterson to win the world heavyweight title.
1960 Highlights1960 Highlights The biggest story of the year was the knockout of Ingemar Johansson by Floyd Patterson in the fifth round at New York City, New York, on June 20. Patterson became the first fighter ever to regain the World Heavyweight title.
1967 Boxing Highlights1967 Highlights Almost all of the boxing news in 1967 centered on heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali, who successfully defended his title twice before being arrested, tried, and convicted for refusing to be inducted into the U.S. Army.
1969 Highlights1969 Highlights
1979 Highlights Muhammad Ali announced his retirement on June 27. The World Boxing Association ultimately crowned John Tate as his successor.
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