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Clint BowyerClint Bowyer
started racing motocross at age 5, and racked up over 200 wins in nine years. He made the move to four wheels in 2000 and won six championships in two years. Since moving up to NASCAR in 2004 he has been a contender for a driver championship every year.
Bobby LabonteRobert Allen "Bobby" Labonte
won the NASCAR Busch Series championship in 1991, his second full season in that series. In 2000 he became the first Busch Series champion to also win the Winston Cup championship, as well as the only Winston Cup champion whose brother also won a Cup championship.
1947 Auto Racing Highlights1947 Auto Racing Highlights
Mauri Rose won the 500-mile Memorial Day race at Indianapolis on May 30.
1957 Highlights1957 Auto Racing Highlights
Sam Hanks won the Indianapolis 500 with a record average speed of 135.6 miles per hour on May 30.
1958 Auto Racing Highlights1958 Auto Racing Highlights
Jimmy Bryan won the 500-mile Memorial Day race at Indianapolis on May 30, driving a Belond Special at an average speed of 133.791 mph. Pat O'Connor was killed in a 13-car crash in the first lap.
1959 Auto Racing Highlight1959 Auto Racing Highlights
Rodger Ward won the Indianapolis 500. The annual February stock car race at Daytona Beach, Florida, moved from the beach to a brand new $3 million, 2-1/2-mile paved speedway on February 22. Lee Petty was declared the winner, 61 hours after the race ended.
1960 Auto Racing Highlights1960 Auto Racing Highlights
Several leading international drivers suffered fatal injuries while driving in, or practising for, competition in 1960. The Indy 500 was won by Jim Rathman. Jack Brabham won five straight races to take the International Grand Prix Drivers' Championship. The Daytona 500 was won by Junior Johnson.
1967 Auto Racing Highlights1967 Auto Racing Highlights
Parnelli Jones almost won the Indianapolis 500 with a turbine-powered car. The race was ultimately won by A.J. Foyt, who also won the USAC Driver Championship and co-won the 24-hour race at Le Mans.
1969 Auto Racing Highlights
1979 Auto Racing Highlights1979 Auto Racing Highlights
Richard Petty won the first Daytona 500 to be televised in its entirety, and went on to win his seventh Grand National Championship. Rick Mears won the Indianapolis 500.


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