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ballroom dancersDancing

dans, a pattern of rhythmical bodily motions, usually set to music


Fred AstaireFred Astaire
was signed by RKO despite a screen test result that said "Can't act. Can't sing. Balding. Can dance a little." He began his highly successful partnership with Ginger Rogers in 1933. He founded the Fred Astaire Dance Studios in 1945.
George BalanchineGeorge Balanchine
began dancing and choreographing ballets in Russia at an early age. He immigrated to America in 1933, and went on to help found the School of American Ballet and the New York City Ballet.
Martha GrahamMartha Graham
founded the Martha Graham Dance Company in 1926. Her company helped groom a number of other well-known dancers and choreographers, including Alvin Ailey and Twyla Tharp. As a choreographer, she was responsible for 118 ballets, many of which were set to contemporary music and portrayed great women of history and mythology.
Arthur MurrayArthur Murray
was a shy and awkward child, but found that he had a talent for dancing that made him a sought after dance partner. He used that talent, combined with drafting skills, to create a mail order dance instruction program, which led to the founding of Arthur Murray dance studios across the country.

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