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ocean waveOceanography

O' she nog' ra fE, the branch of physical geography dealing with the ocean and marine life


Matthew Fontaine MauryMatthew Fontaine Maury
published the first popular textbook on marine science, Physical Geography of the Sea, in 1855. During the Civil War, his work for the Confederacy led to a $3,000 price being put on his head, second only to the price put on the head of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
What Is In Seawater?What Is In Seawater?
Salt is, of course, the most common substance found in sea water, but it is far from being the only one. One hundred pounds of sea water, if boiled away, will leave behind close to 3.5 pounds of solids.
Ocean CurrentsOcean Currents
A map showing the named ocean currents of the world.
The Gulf StreamThe Gulf Stream
is the second largest ocean current. At its greatest the Gulf Stream is approximately 100 miles wide and several hundred feet deep -- far larger than any river on earth. It also flows faster than any known river, up to 138 miles (222 kilometers) a day.
Sargasso SeaThe Sargasso Sea
is a creation of the great currents of the North Atlantic that encircle it and bring into it the millions of tons of floating sargassum weed from which the place takes its name. Those same currents also make the waters within the sea very clear and salty.

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