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Some Hats of the Past
Greek Petasos
about 400 B.C.
German Headdress and Cap
about A.D. 1200
Persian Turban
about 1400
European Hennin
most often worn by women of nobility; word "hennin" also used as a term of derision towards noble women
European Beret
about 1500
European Cavalier Hat
"Musketeers Hat;" the right side of the brim was often pinned up to the crown so that the sword arm could move freely above the shoulder
European Tricorne Hat
"Military Officers' Hat;" so named because the brim was folded upwards into a triangular shape
English Gainsborough Hat
late 1700's
named for English painter Thomas Gainsborough
American Poke Bonnet
American Top Hat
  French Cloche Hat
"Flapper Girl Hat"

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