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kos' tyoom, (1) the style of dress peculiar to a nation, historical period, etc.; (2) the clothing of another period, place, etc.
Some Hats of the PastSome Hats of the Past
Fashion in 1947Fashion in 1947
Fashion in 1957Fashion in 1957 Pointed-toe shoes for women swept the fashion world with unprecedented speed in 1957.
Fashion in 1958Fashion in 1958
Fashion in 1959Fashion in 1959
Fashion in 1960Fashion in 1960 The typical daytime look for women in 1960 began with a high bulbous hat over a high bouffant coiffure or a short bob with points on the cheeks, and then extended from sloping shoulders and deep armholes into a wide-sleeved, rounded jacket tapered in at the hemline.
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