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Fashion in 1960

The typical daytime look for women in 1960 began with a high bulbous hat over a high bouffant coiffure or a short bob with points on the cheeks, and then extended from sloping shoulders and deep armholes into a wide-sleeved, rounded jacket tapered in at the hemline. For evening there was a slender, long-waisted dress, often with an overblouse. Short, full-skirted party dresses had elongated bodices and the skirts were shaped to focus interest near the hem. Culottes, divided skirts, and trim trouser skirts were introduced for travel, street wear, and evenings at home.

"Amused and amazed" was how one reporter described the reaction of Madame Khrushchev (center, in dark dress), wife of the Soviet Premier, as she attended a fashion show in Vienna, Austria, in 1960.
Mrs. Khrushchev views fashions in Vienna

A velvet one-piece hostess suit with velvet overskirt lined in satin, from the fall 1960 collection of Branell.
hostess suit by Branell

This satin overblouse features a Persian garden design embroidered in jewels. The skirt has a jeweled panel on the back. The outfit was designed by Jean Dessus, Paris.
Persian-inspired creation by Jean Dessus

The zebra coat was inspired by a Franz Kline painting (seen to the right of the model) exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, New York. The coat was designed by Jacques Kaplan.
zebra coat

A cruise costume of Irish linen by Karen Stark. The sleveless bodice is appliques in a silk print which also lines the jacket.

cruise costume

An Italian woolen jersey dress by Mirsa Fashion House. The hip-length jacket is trimmed with embroidered woolen flowers.
woolen jersey dress

A travel costume from the Association of Canadian Couturiers features an overblouse and coat lining of wool hopsacking. The outside of the coat is wool fleece.
travel costume

A dress and jacket of reversible cashmere by Robert Paterson of London. The jacket is lined in printed mohair to match the bodice of the dress.
cashmere by Ronald Paterson

French party dresses of printed muslin in combinations of colors. The tiered skirts are meant to draw attention to the short hemlines. Designed by Chanel of Paris.
French party dresses

Britannica Book of the Year 1961 Chicago: Encyclopędia Britannica, 1961

In the Year 1960

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