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Fashion in 1947

The "New Look" for 1947 was long, ladylike, and small-waisted with the emphasis on elegance. Resort and summer fashions for afternoon wear were nearly ankle length. Patterned sheer fabrics, often with matching hat, struck the right fashion note.
New Look dress
The foundation for the New Look was a cinched-in waist that enhanced feminine curves. This strapless top, distant cousin to the corset, had a taffeta petticoat attached.
New Look foundation
The fashion controversy of 1947 concerned the hemline, and virtually every woman in America stood on one side or the other. In many places the "New Look" was more often a let-out hem than a new dress.
hemline controversy
The average hem line in 1947 was 13" from the floor. Here, actress Rita Hayworth endorses the New Look by covering her legs well below the knee with a deep, full-swinging skirt.
Rita Hayworth

In the Year 1947
Rita Hayworth

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