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The Voyage of the Ra

In 1969 Thor Heyerdahl attempted to prove that ancient North Africans could have sailed to the Americas.

moving the Ra across the desertTwenty-two years after sailing his Kon Tiki across the Pacific to show that South Americans could have been the first to populate Polynesia, Thor Heyerdahl proposed that strong currents and trade winds could have carried North African sailors to the Americas more than 3,000 years ago. To prove this theory, Heyerdahl supervised construction of a papyrus reed boat designed according to paintings found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Built in Giza, Egypt, the ship was dragged across the desert on wooden tracks and then transported by truck to Safi, Morocco.

preparing the Ra for launch, at SafiOn May 25, 1969, Heyerdahl and his six-man crew began their 4,000 transatlantic voyage to Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. Although the improperly loaded Ra foundered in the Atlantic 56 days and 2,700 miles later, forcing him to abandon his ship, Heyerdahl refused to abandon his theory and almost immediately began making plans to try again.

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