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Davidson BlackDavidson Black
was the first to describe what is popularly known as Peking Man, the first anthropoid to be described as "a thinking being, standing erect, dating to the beginning of the Ice Age."
Raymond Arthur DartRaymond Arthur Dart
was the first to describe Australopithecus africanus, and to suggest that it represented a direct link in the evolutionary chain leading to present-day humans.
Eugene DuBoisEugene DuBois
went to the Dutch East Indies in 1887 specifically to look for fossils of human ancestors. His search was rewarded by the discovery of fossils which he ultimately named Pithecanthropus erectus ("Java Man").
Louis S.B. LeakeyLouis Seymour Bazett Leakey
gained international acclaim for his excavations in the Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania), which resulted in the discovery of Homo habilis, the first human ancestor ever found associated with tools.

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