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On September 13th...

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1224 Francis of Assisi was afflicted with stigmata.

1503 Michelangelo began work on his statue of David.

Philip II1598 King Philip II of Spain died.

Oliver Evans1755 Inventor Oliver Evans was born.

1759 British General James Wolfe was killed at the Battle of Quebec.

1788 New York City became the first official capital of the United States.

1791 King Louis XVI of France accepted a constitution.

Comte de Grasse1792 French Admiral François Joseph Paul, Comte De Grasse was born.

John Sedgwick1813 Civil War General John Sedgwick was born.

1814 The bombardment of Fort McHenry began.

SS Savannah1819 The SS Savannah arrived at St. Petersburg, Russia.

1824 U.S. Army General Ambrose Burnside was born.

1849 Tom McCoy became the first prize fight fatality in the United States.

Walter Reed1851 Doctor and medical researcher Walter Reed was born.

1857 Chocolate company founder Milton Hershey was born.

John J. Pershing1860 U.S. General John Joseph Pershing was born.

1861 The Union frigate Colorado sank the privateer Judah off Pensacola, Florida, in the first naval battle of the Civil War.

1874 Composer Arnold Schönberg was born.

1876 Author Sherwood Anderson was born.

1881 Lewis Latimer patented an electric lamp with a carbon filament.

1898 Hannibal Goodwin patented celluloid photographic film.

1903 Actress Claudette Colbert was born.

Alberto Santos-Dumont1906 Alberto Santos-Dumont made the first heavier-than-air flight in Europe.

Aurel Vlaicu1913 Romanian aviator Aurel Vlaicu was killed while trying to become the first person to fly an airplane over the Carpathian Mountains.

1916 Author Roald Dahl was born.

1925 Singer Mel Tormé was born.

1931 Actress Barbara Bain was born.

1937 Television producer Fred Silverman was born.

1944 Actress Jacqueline Bisset was born.
1944 Singer Peter Cetera was born.

1948 Actress Nell Carter was born.

1956 IBM introduced the first computer disk storage unit, the RAMAC 305.

Luna1957 Luna 2, launched by the Soviet Union, became the first man-made object to impact the Moon.

Michael Johnson1967 Michael Johnson, Olympic and professional sprinter, was born.

1969 Film director Tyler Perry was born.

EXPO 701970 The Japan World Exposition (EXPO 70) closed.
Gary Muhrcke won the first ever New York City Marathon, with a time of 2:31:38.

Watergate1971 A group of men known as the "White House Plumbers" burglarized a psychiatrist's office to find files on Daniel Ellsberg, beginning what became known as the Watergate Affair.

1974 "The Rockford Files" premiered on NBC-TV.

1977 "Soap" became the first television series to air a viewer discretion warning.

1980 Actor Ben Savage was born.

1996 Rapper Tupac Shakur died.

George C. Wallace1998 George C. Wallace, four-time Governor of Alabama and three-time candidate for President, died.

1999 The Denver Broncos retired John Elway's #7 jersey.

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