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4004, B.C. The world was created, according to Archbishop James Ussher.

1715 Tsar Peter II was born.

1739 British Prime Minister Robert Walpole declared war on Spain.

1760 The first Jewish prayer books were printed in the United States.

1775 The Continental Congress approved a resolution barring blacks from the Continental Army.

1814 The first plastic surgery was performed, in England.

James Denver1817 James Denver, American politician and Civil War general, was born.

1835 American politician Adlai Stevenson was born.

Sarah Bernhardt1844 Actress Sarah Bernhardt was born.

1864 A Kansas Militia force defeated a Confederate army force at Westport, Missouri.

1869 Football player John Heisman was born.

1892 Comic actor Gummo Marx was born.

World's Columbian Exposition1893 The World's Columbian Exposition closed in Chicago.

Fontaine Maury Maverick1895 U.S. Congressman Fontaine Maury Maverick was born.

Jeremiah Simpson1905 U.S. Congressman Jeremiah "Sockless Jerry" Simpson died.

Gertrude Ederle1906 Long-distance swimmer Gertrude Ederle was born.

1910 Blanche Scott became the first woman to solo a public airplane flight.

1915 25,000 women marched up Fifth Avenue in New York City demanding the right to vote.

1925 Talk show host Johnny Carson was born.

John Dillinger1933 John Dillinger and his gang robbed the Central National Bank in Greencastle, Indiana (they took $75, 000).

Zane Grey1939 Author Zane Grey died.

1941 The Disney film Dumbo was released.

1942 The British began an offensive at El Alamein.
1942 Author Michael Crichton was born.

1944 The Battle for Leyte Gulf began.

1950 Singer Al Jolson died.

1954 The Allied occupation of West Germany ended.

1956 Singer Dwight Yoakam was born.

1957 Fashion designer Christian Dior died.

Springhill Mine Disaster1958 An underground earth shift in the Cumberland Railway and Coal Company's No. 2 mine at Springhill, Nova Scotia, killed 75 men.
1958 Rear Admiral Hyman Rickover was elevated to the rank of Vice Admiral of the U.S. Navy.
1958 A bus plunged into a ravine near Toluca, Mexico, killing 25 of the 26 persons aboard.
1958 Television journalist Nancy Grace was born.

1959 Bell Telephone Laboratories received a patent for a picture telephone.

1962 Football player Doug Flutie was born.

1983 A suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives into the U.S. Marines barracks in Beirut, killing 241 military personnel.

2001 Apple released its iPod.

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