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Republic Day (Taiwan)

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1684 Painter Antoine Watteau was born.

Henry Cavendish1731 Chemist Henry Cavendish was born.

1738 Painter Benjamin West was born.

1795 Samuel Fraunces, proprietor of historic Fraunces Tavern in New York City, died.

1813 Opera composer Giuseppe Verdi was born.

1845 The United States Naval Academy opened at Annapolis, Maryland.

Triton1846 Astronomer William Lassell discovered Triton, the largest moon of Neptune.

Overland Mail Company1858 The first Overland Mail Company coach arrived in San Francisco, California.

1861 Polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen was born.

William Seward1872 William Seward, Secretary of State who negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia, died.

Yoho National Park1886 Yoho National Park, in British Columbia, Canada, was created.

Helen Hayes1900 Actress Helen Hayes was born.

1911 The Chinese Revolution began.
1911 Businessman Jack Daniel died.

1913 Businessman Adolphus Busch died.

1917 Jazz pianist Thelonius Monk was born.

1924 Film director Ed Wood was born.

1927 Actor Dana Elcar was born.

1933 The first synthetic detergent, "Dreft" by Procter & Gamble, went on sale.

1946 Actor Ben Vereen was born.

1954 Rock singer David Lee Roth was born.

USS Sargo1957 The USS Sargo was launched.

1958 Country singer Tanya Tucker was born.

1959 The world's first nuclear reactor to use boiling heavy water and uranium to produce power was started in Halden, Norway.
1959 The multipurpose Dalles Dam, on the Columbia River, was officially opened.

1964 Singer Eddie Cantor died.

1969 Football player Brett Favre was born.

Fiji1970 The Fiji Islands gained independence from the United Kingdom.

Spiro Agnew1973 U.S. Vice-President Spiro Agnew resigned from office and pled no contest to failing to report income for tax purposes.

1974 Auto racer Dale Earhart, Jr., was born.

1979 Panama assumed sovereignty over the Canal Zone.

1980 The Very Large Array (VLA) radio telescope network was dedicated.

Yul Brynner1985 Actor Yul Brynner died.
Orson Welles1985 Orson Welles, radio, movie, and television producer and actor, died.

Clark Clifford1998 Clark McAdams Clifford, U.S. presidential advisor and Secretary of Defense, died.

S.R.D. Bandaranaike2000 Sirimavo Ratwatte Dias Bandaranaike, former Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, died.

2004 Actor Christopher Reeve died.

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