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1469 Painter Fra Filippo Lippi died.

Henry Fielding1754 Author Henry Fielding died.

1793 John Hancock, first signer of the Declaration of Independence, died.

William Congreve1806 British forces laid siege to the French port of Boulogne using rockets invented by Sir William Congreve.

1838 American statesman John M. Hay was born.

Franklin Pierce1869 Franklin Pierce, 14th President of the United States, died.

1871 The Chicago fire began.

Eddie Rickenbacker1890 Edward Vernon Rickenbacker, America's first "air ace," was born.

1895 Juan Peron, two-time President of Argentina, was born.

1896 Dow Jones started reporting an average of selected industrial stocks.

1904 The first Vanderbilt Cup auto race was held at Hicksville, Long Island, New York.

1911 Psychologist Alfred Binet died.

Balkan Wars1912 Montegro declared war on the Ottoman Empire, touching off the Balkan Wars.

1920 Author Frank Herbert was born.

1936 Gossip columnist Rona Barrett was born.

1939 Actor Paul Hogan died.

1941 Reverend Jesse Jackson was born.

1942 Abbott and Costello launched their weekly radio show.

1943 Actor Chevy Chase was born.
1943 Author R.L. Stine was born.

1944 "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" debuted on CBS Radio.
Wendell Willkie1944 American politician Wendell Willkie died.

1949 Actress Sigourney Weaver was born.

1953 Actor Nigel Bruce died.

1955 Race car driver Bill Elliott was born.

1957 A 2,400-mile telephone cable between California and Hawaii was placed in operation.

Clement Attlee1967 Former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee died.

1968 Actress Emily Procter was born.

1970 Actor Matt Damon was born.

1982 Actor Fernando Lamas died.

1985 Singer/songwriter Bruno Mars was born.

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