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1226 King Louis VIII of France died.

1656 Astronomer Edmund Halley was born.

1674 Poet John Milton died.

William Penn1682 William Penn arrived in Pennsylvania.

1836 Businessman Milton Bradley was born.

1837 Mount Holyoke Seminary for Women opened.

1847 Author Bram Stoker was born.

Sarah Bernhardt1880 Sarah Bernhardt made her American debut.
Edwin Drake1880 Edwin Laurentine Drake, driller of the first commercially successful oil well in the world, died.

Doc Holliday1887 "Wild West" figure John Henry "Doc" Holliday died.

Montana1889 Montana became the 41st state.

1893 Historian Francis Parkman died.

Wilhelm Rontgen1895 Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen discovered x-rays.

1900 Novelist Margaret Mitchell was born.

Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke1901 Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke, American Civil War nurse and veterans' advocate, died.

1920 Actress Esther Rolle was born.

1922 Christiaan Barnard, heart transplant pioneer, was born.

1923 Adolf Hitler staged the "Beer Hall Putsch" in Munich.
Jack St. Clair Kilby1923 Jack St. Clair Kilby, inventor of the integrated circuit, was born.

1927 Singer Patti Page was born.

1931 Television journalist Morley Safer was born.

1933 King Mohammed Nadir Khan of Afghanistan was assassinated.

Edward G. Gibson1936 Astronaut Edward G. Gibson was born.

Operation Torch1942 Allied forces landed in North Africa, launching Operation Torch.

1947 Singer Minnie Riperton was born.

1949 Singer Bonnie Raitt was born.

1950 The first ever aerial combat between jet fighters took place over Korea.

1961 Singer Leif Garrett was born.

1965 "Days of Our Lives" premiered on NBC-TV.

1966 Chef Gordon Ramsay was born.

1978 Artist Norman Rockwell died.

2011 Cartoonist Bil Keane died.

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