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1250 King Louis IX of France was captured at the Battle of Fariskur while in Egypt conducting the Seventh Crusade.

1423 King Louis XI of France was born.

Samuel de Champlain1608 Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec.

King Charles II1661 Portugal gave Tangier and Bombay to King Charles II of England.

1726 Furniture designer Robert Adam was born.

1738 Painter John S. Copley was born.

1746 Irish statesman Henry Grattan was born.

1754 The Battle of Fort Necessity was fought.

1760 The Battle of Restigouche was born.

Pitcairn Island1767 Pitcairn Island was discovered.

George Washington1775 George Washington took command of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts.

1819 The first savings bank in the U.S. (Bank of Savings in New York City) opened its doors.

1839 The first state normal school in the U.S. opened in Lexington, Massachusetts, with 3 students.

1844 The last pair of great auks was killed.

1849 The French entered Rome in order to restore Pope Pius IX to power.

1863 The Battle of Gettysburg ended.

1878 Composer George M. Cohan was born.

1883 Author Franz Kafka was born.

Charles Henry Dow1884 Charles Henry Dow published the first Dow Jones Average.

Idaho1890 Idaho became the 43rd state.
King Leopold II1890 King Leopold II gave Congo, previously a private possession, to Belgium.

1898 The U.S. Navy defeated a Spanish fleet in Santiago, Cuba, harbor.

Robert Baumle Meyner1908 Robert B. Meyner, Governor of New Jersey, was born.
Joel Chandler Harris1908 Author Joel Chandler Harris died.

1920 William Gorgas, discoverer of how malaria and yellow fever are transmitted, died.

1930 The U.S. Veterans Administration was created.

1937 Jacob Schick, inventor of the electric razor, died.

1940 U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander was born.

1943 Astronaut Norman Thagard was born.

1947 Columnist Dave Barry was born.

1950 U.S. and North Korean armies met on the battlefield for the first time.

1952 Dr. F. D. Dodrill first used a mechanical heart to by-pass the left side of a heart while he repaired a faulty valve.
Singer Laura Branigan was born.

1956 Talk show host Montel Williams was born.

1958 "Andy Williams Show" premiered on ABC-TV.

1962 Actor Tom Cruise was born.

1969 Rock musician Brian Jones died.

1971 Rock musician Jim Morrison died.

1976 Brian Wilson performed with the Beach Boys after a 12-year absence.

1981 Actor Ross Martin died.

1985 The movie Back to the Future was released.

1986 Singer Rudy Vallee died.

1989 Actor Jim Backus died.

1993 Baseball player Don Drysdale died.

1995 Tennis player Pancho Gonzalez died.

2007 Musician Boots Randolph died.

2008 Larry Harmon, aka Bozo the Clown, died.

2012 Actor Andy Griffith died.

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