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1338 King Charles V of France was born.

1504 France ceded Naples to King Ferdinand of Aragon.

1606 Guy Fawkes was executed for treason.

Gouverneur Morris1752 American statesman Gouverneur Morris was born.

1797 Composer Franz Schubert was born.

1830 American politician James G. Blaine was born.

1863 The first black Civil War regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, was mustered into the U.S. Army.

1865 The U.S. House of Representatives passed the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery.

Zane Grey1872 Author Zane Grey was born.

1876 The United States ordered all Native Americans onto reservations.

1884 German President Theodor Heuss was born.

1892 Singer Eddie Cantor was born.

1902 Actress Tallulah Bankhead was born.

1906 The Colombia-Ecuador border was struck by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake.

1915 TV personality Garry Moore was born.

1917 Germany announced that it would begin unrestricted submarine warfare.

1919 Baseball player Jackie Robinson was born.

Syewart Udall1920 Stewart Udall, U.S. Congressman and Secretary of the Interior, was born.

1921 Singer Carol Channing was born.
1921 Singer Mario Lanza was born.

1923 Author Norman Mailer was born.

1925 Benjamin Hooks, director of the NAACP, was born.

1930 Scotch Tape first went on sale.

1931 Baseball player Ernie Banks was born.

1937 Composer Philip Glass was born.
1937 Actress Suzanne Pleshette was born.

1938 Queen Beatrix I of the Netherlands was born.

1941 American politician Dick Gephardt was born.

1945 Private Eddie Slovik became the first U.S. soldier since the Civil War to be executed for desertion.

1947 Baseball player Nolan Ryan was born.

1949 The first daytime "soap opera," These Are My Children, was broadcast on the NBC station in Chicago.

1950 President Harry Truman announced that he had authorized the creation of a hydrogen bomb.

John R. Mott1955 John R. Mott, Protestant missionary statesman and influential part of the YMCA, died.

1956 Rock musician Johnny Rotten was born.
A.A. Milne1956 Alan Alexander Milne, author of the Winnie the Pooh stories, died.

Explorer I1958 The United States launched the world's first scientific satellite, Explorer I.

1963 Actor John Dye was born.

Luna 91966 The Soviet Union launched Luna 9.

1970 Actress Minnie Driver was born.

1971 Apollo XIV was launched.

1974 Film and television producer Samuel Goldwyn died.

1976 Auto racer Buddy Rice was born.

1981 Singer Justin Timberlake was born.

1990 McDonald's opened its first Russian franchise, in Moscow.

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