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1502 Pope Gregory XIII was born.

1536 Catherine of Aragon, first wife of King Henry VIII of England, died.

1579 England signed an offensive and defensive alliance with the Netherlands.

1587 The "Cittie of Raleigh in Virginia" was incorporated by the British Parliament.

1601 Robert, Earl of Essex led a revolt in London against Queen Elizabeth.

1655 Pope Innocent X died.

Israel Putnam1718 Israel Putnam, Revolutionary War general, was born.

1782 The first commercial bank in the United States, the Bank of North America, opened in Philadelphia.

1784 The first seed business in the United States was established in Philadelphia by David Landreth.

1785 Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries made the first ever balloon crossing of the English Channel.

1789 The first U.S. presidential elections were held.

Millard Fillmore1800 Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States, was born.

Fannie Farmer1896 Fannie Farmer published her first cookbook.

1913 William M Burton patented a process to "crack" petroleum.

Panama Canal1914 The first steamboat passed through the Panama Canal.

1927 Transatlantic commercial telephone service began between New York and London.
1927 The
Harlem Globetrotters* played their first game.

1928 Author William Peter Blatty was born.

1929 The "Buck Rogers" comic strip debuted.
1929 The "Tarzan" comic strip debuted.

1934 The "Flash Gordon" comic strip debuted.

1938 Musician Paul Revere was born.

1942 The Siege of Bataan began.

Nikola Tesla1943 Electrical engineer Nikola Tesla died.

1948 Singer Kenny Loggins was born.

Marian Anderson1955 Marian Anderson became the first African-American to sing a major role on the stage of the New York Metropolitan Opera.

1957 Talk show host Katie Couric was born.

1963 Learjet Corporation began business in Wichita, Kansas.

1964 Actor Nicolas Cage was born.

1967 "Newlywed Game" premiered on ABC-TV.

1968 "GE College Bowl" premiered on NBC-TV.

Hirohito1989 Japanese Emperor Hirohito died.

1993 Jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie died.

2007 Auto racer Bobby Hamilton died.

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