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1515 Venetian classical scholar Aldus Manutius died.

Roger Williams1631 Roger Williams arrived in Boston from England.

1644 The first livestock branding law in America was passed in Connecticut.

1679 German Emperor Leopold I signed a peace treaty with France.

1725 American revolutionary spokesman James Otis was born.

1736 Methodists John and Charles Wesley arrived in Savannah, Georgia.

Articles of Confederation1778 South Carolina became the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation.

1783 Sweden recognized the independence of the United States.

William Taylor Barry1784 William Taylor Barry, the first Postmaster General of the United States to hold Cabinet rank, was born.

1788 British statesman Sir Robert Peel was born.

1804 Poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg was born.

1810 Violinist Ole Bull was born.

George III1811 George, Prince of Wales, was named the Prince Regent due to the insanity of his father, Britain's King George III.

1837 Evangelist Dwight L. Moody was born.

1840 Inventor Hiram Stevens Maxim was born.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza1859 Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected Prince of Walachia.

1861 The moving picture peep show machine was patented by Samuel Goodale.

1887 Verdi's opera "Otello" premiered at La Scala.

1897 The Indiana House of Representatives passed a measure redefining the method for determing the area of a circle, which included altering the value of pi.

1900 Politician Adlai Stevenson was born.

William Seward Burroughs1914 Author William Seward Burroughs was born.

1917 Congress passed, over President Woodrow Wilson's veto, an immigration act severely curtailing the influx of Asians.

1919 Actor Red Buttons was born.

1922 The first issue of Reader's Digest was published.

1923 Country singer Claude King was born.

1928 Reverend Andrew M. Greeley was born.

1931 Maxine Dunlap became the first American woman to earn a glider pilot license.

Hank Aaron1934 Baseball player Hank Aaron was born.

1936 The National Wildlife Federation was formed.

1937 President Franklin Roosevelt proposed increasing the number of Supreme Court Justices.
Actor Stuart Damon was born.

1939 Financial writer Jane Bryant Quinn was born.

1941 Television producer-writer Stephen J. Cannell was born.
1941 Actor David Selby was born.
1941 Singer-songwriter Barrett Strong was born.

1942 Football player Roger Staubach was born.
1942 Singer Cory Wells was born.

1943 Movie director Michael Mann was born.

1944 Singer Al Kooper was born.

1946 Actress Charlotte Rampling was born.

1948 Actress Barbara Hershey was born.
1948 Actor Christopher Guest was born.

1949 Actor Tom Wilkinson was born.

1956 The 7th Winter Olympic Games closed at Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy.

1961 Actor-comedian Tim Meadows was born.

1962 Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh was born.

1964 Actress Laura Linney was born.
1964 Rock musician Duff McKagan was born.
1964 Rock singer Chris Barron was born.

1967 "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" premiered on CBS-TV.
1967 Businessman L.L. Bean died.

1969 Singer Bobby Brown was born.

1971 Country singer Sara Evans was born.

1973 Services were held at Arlington National Cemetery for Army Lieutenant Colonel William B. Nolde, the last official American combat casualty of the Vietnam War.
1973 The comic strip Hagar the Horrible debuted.

Klaus Barbie1983 Former Nazi Gestapo official Klaus Barbie was expelled from Bolivia and taken to Lyon, France, to stand trial.

Evan Mecham1988 The Arizona House of Representatives impeached Governor Evan Mecham.

1989 Actor Jeremy Sumpter was born.

Etienne Eyadema2005 President Gnassingbé Eyadéma of Togo died.

2008 Larry LeSueur, CBS News radio reporter, died.

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