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1576 Henry of Navarre (future Henry IV) escaped from Paris, France, during the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

1690 The first paper money in America was issued by the Colony of Massachusetts.

1743 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, established a "pesthouse" to quarantine immigrants.

Samuel Osgood1748 American politician Samuel Osgood was born.

1783 Spain recognized the independence of the United States.

Samuel Ryan Curtis1805 U.S. General Samuel Ryan Curtis was born.

1807 Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston was born.

1809 The Territory of Illinois was organized.
Felix Mendelssohn1809 Composer Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy was born.

Horace Greeley1811 Newspaper publisher Horace Greeley was born.

Jose de San Martin1813 José de San Martín fought in his first battle for Argentinian independence.

1815 The world's first commercial cheese factory was established, in Switzerland.

Elizabeth Blackwell1821 Physician Elizabeth Blackwell was born.

1830 The sovereignty of Greece was guaranteed by the London Protocol.

Wake Forest University1834 Wake Forest University was established.

1836 The Whig Party held its first national convention, in Albany, New York.

Sidney Lanier1842 Poet Sidney Lanier was born.

1853 Inventor Hudson Maxim was born.

1855 The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Fugitive Slave Law was unconstitutional.

1865 The Hampton Roads Peace Conference ended in an impasse.

1874 Author Gertrude Stein was born.

1876 Albert Spalding began his sports equipment manufacturing company.

P.T. Barnum1882 P.T. Barnum purchased Jumbo the elephant.

1887 The U.S. Congress passed the Electoral Count Act.

1889 "Wild West" outlaw Belle Starr died.

1894 The first U.S. steel sailing vessel, Dirigo, was launched at Bath, Maine.
1894 Artist Norman Rockwell was born.

Pretty Boy Floyd1904 Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd, armed robber and murderer, was born.

James Michener1907 Author James Michener was born.

1913 The 16th Amendment, allowing establishment of a federal income tax, was ratified.

1917 The United States ended diplomatic relations with Germany.

1918 Comedian Joey Bishop was born.

1919 The League of Nations met for the first time.

Eugene O'Neill1920 Eugene O'Neill's first full-length play, Beyond the Horizon, debuted on Broadway.

Woodrow Wilson1924 Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, died.

1940 Football player Fran Tarkenton was born.

1941 The Supreme Court upheld the Federal Wage and Hour Act, setting minumum wages and maximum hours.

SS Dorchester and the Four Chaplains1943 The SS Dorchester was sunk by a German torpedo.

1944 U.S. troops captured the Marshall Islands.

1958 Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg signed treaties at The Hague, Netherlands, establishing a Benelux Economic Union.

1959 Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, J. P. Richards and their pilot were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa.
1959 An American Airlines passenger plane crashed into the East River near La Guardia Airport, New York, New York, killing 64 persons.

1962 U. S. President John F. Kennedy banned all trade with Cuba except for food and drugs.

Luna 91966 The Soviet spacecraft Luna 9 became the first man-made object to make a soft landing on the Moon.
1966 The first
operational weather satellite, ESSA-1, was launched by the United States.

1972 The 11th Winter Olympic Games opened in Sapporo, Japan.

Aaron Douglas1979 Painter Aaron Douglas died.

1980 Larry Holmes scored a 6th-round TKO against Lorenzo Holmes to win the heavyweight boxing title.

1989 Paraguayan President Alfredo Stroessner was overthrown by a military coup.

1991 Actress Nancy Kulp died.

2002 The New England Patriots defeated the St. Louis Rams 20-17 in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Lou Jones2006 Louis Woodard Jones, record-setting runner, died.
2006 Actor Al Lewis died.

2008 The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14 in Super Bowl XLII.

2013 The Baltimore Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII.

2016 Musician Maurice White died.

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