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  On This Day

On December 30th...

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1591 Pope Innocent IX died.

1691 Chemist Robert Boyle died.

David Douglas1799 Botanist David Douglas was born.

Louisiana Purchase1803 The United States took formal possession of the Louisiana Territory.

John White Geary1819 John White Geary, American Civil War general, was born.

Gadsden Purchase1853 The United States and Mexico signed the Gadsden Purchase agreement.

Rudyard Kipling1865 Poet and storyteller Rudyard Kipling was born.

1869 Painter Henri Matisse was born.

1873 The American Meteorological Society was formed in New York City.
Alfred E. Smith1873 Politician Alfred E. Smith was born.

Jose Rizal1896 Filipino nationalist and reformist Josť Rizal was executed.

Jeannette Nolan1911 Actress Jeannette Nolan was born.

1914 Bert Parks, long-time host of the Miss America Pageant, was born.
1914 Actress Jo Van Fleet was born.

1920 Actor Jack Lord was born.

Rashid Karami1921 Rashid Karami, eight-time Prime Minister of Lebanon, was born.

1924 Edwin Hubble announced the existence of other galactic systems.

1928 Guitarist Bo Diddley was born.

1929 Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority was incorporated.

1931 Country singer Skeeter Davis was born.

1934 Musician Del Shannon was born.

Sandy Koufax1935 Baseball player Sandy Koufax was born.

1936 The United Auto Workers staged the first ever sit-down strike, at the Fisher Body Plant.

1938 V. K. Zworykin patented an electronic television system.

1942 Rock musician Mike Nesmith was born.

1944 King George II of Greece abdicated his throne.

1945 Rock singer Davy Jones was born.

1947 King Michael of Romania was forced to abdicate his throne.

1950 Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia became independent states in the French Union.

1953 Game show host Meredith Vieira was born.

1956 Country singer Suzy Bogguss was born.

1957 Talk show host Matt Lauer was born.

1959 The first ballistic missile submarine, George Washington, was commissioned.
1959 Comedian Tracey Ullman was born.

1961 News commentator Sean Hannity was born.
1961 Sprinter Ben Johnson was born.

1963 "Let's Make a Deal" premiered on NBC-TV.

1965 Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss was born.

Christian Herter1966 Christian Herter, former U.S. Secretary of State, died.

1970 Boxer Sonny Liston died.

1975 Golfer Tiger Woods was born.

1977 Boxer Laila Ali was born.

1979 Composer Richard Rodgers died.

1984 Basketball player LeBron James was born.

1993 The Vatican formally recognized the nation of Israel.

1996 Actor Lew Ayres died.

2004 Big band leader Artie Shaw died.

2006 Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein died.

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