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Pope Leo X1521 Pope Leo X died.

1641 Massachusetts became the first colony to give statutory recognition to slavery.

1708 The Great Alliance occupied Brussels.

Madame Tussaud1761 Madame Marie Tussaud, wax sculptor and founder of Tussaud's Wax Museum, was born.

Alexander I1825 Tsar Alexander I of Russia died.

Hans Christian Andersen1835 Hans Christian Andersen published his first book of fairy tales.

1887 Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print, in A Study in Scarlet.

1909 The first Christmas Club payment was made, to Carlisle Trust Company, Pennsylvania.

1913 The first drive-up gasoline station opened, in Pittsburgh.
1913 The continuous moving assembly line was introduced by Ford.

1917 Boys Town was founded by Father Edward Flanagan, west of Omaha, Nebraska.

1929 Edwin S. Lowe invented the game of BINGO.

Woody Allen1935 Woody Allen, actor, director, producer, and writer, was born.

1936 Bell Labs tested coaxial cable for television use.

Lee Trevino1939 Golfer Lee Trevino was born.

1941 Japan declared war on the United States.

1942 Gasoline rationing began in the United States.

1955 Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move to the back of a Montgomery, Alabama, bus.

1959 An Antarctic treaty -- providing that the continent would be used for scientific research free from political and military strife -- was signed by twelve nations.
1959 The first color photograph of the Earth was received from outer space.

1965 An airlift of refugees from Cuba to the United States began.

1969 The United States held its first draft lottery since World War II.

David Ben-Gurion1973 David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel, died.

1987 Digging of a tunnel under the English Channel began.

1990 British and French workers met in the Chunnel.

1991 Ukraine declared itself independent of the Soviet Union.

1997 Westinghouse formally changed its name to CBS.

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