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St. George's Day

1348 The Order of the Garter was founded in England.

1564 Playwright William Shakespeare was born (traditional date).

1635 The Boston Latin School, the first public school in the United States, was founded.

King Charles II1661 Charles II was crowned King of England.

1662 Connecticut Colony was chartered.

James Buchanan1791 James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States, was born.

Stephen Douglas1813 Stephen Douglas, U.S. Representative and Senator, was born.

Mexican-American War1846 Mexico declared war on the United States.

1856 Inventor Granville T. Woods was born.

1858 Physicist Max Planck was born.

1891 Composer Sergei Prokofiev was born.

Lucius DuBignon Clay1897 U.S. General Lucius DuBignon Clay was born.
Lester Pearson1897 Lester Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada, was born.

Spanish-American War1898 Spain declared war on the United States.

Vitascope1896 The first ever theatrical demonstration of the Vitascope was given.

Vladimir Nabokov1899 Author Vladimir Nabokov was born.

1904 The American Academy of Arts and Letters was founded.

1921 Baseball player Warren Spahn was born.

Shirley Temple Black1928 Actress Shirley Temple was born.

1928 Actress Shirley Temple was born.

1936 Singer Roy Orbison was born.

1939 Actor Lee Majors was born.

1942 Actress Sandra Dee.

1949 Actress Joyce DeWitt was born.

Hank Aaron1954 Hank Aaron hit his very first Major League home run.

1960 Actress Valerie Bertinelli was born.

1977 Wrestler John Cena was born.

1982 Key West, Florida, renamed itself the Conch Republic and declared itself independent of the United States.

1938 Actor Buster Crabbe died.

1985 The Coca-Cola Company introduced "New Coke."
1985 U.S. Senator Sam Ervin died.

1986 Film director Otto Preminger died.

Cesar Chavez1993 Cesar Chavez, founder of the United Farm Workers, died.

1995 Sportscaster Howard Cosell died.

1998 James Earl Ray, killer of Martin Luther King, Jr., died.

Boris Yeltsin2007 Boris Yeltsin, the first popularly elected President of Russia, died.

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