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Acting CatActing Cat International Whaling Commission MeetingInternational Whaling Commission Meeting
At its annual meeting in London, England, in July, the IWC voted 18 to 2 for a worldwide moratorium on whaling by factory ships.
Artistic CarsArtistic Cars
In July 1979 hundreds of people gathered in San Francisco, California, to watch a carrot, a can of sardines, and a decorated bug race down a hill in McLaren Park.
New Chryslers on SaleNew Chryslers on Sale
Child PowerChild Power Nonaligned Nations SummitNonaligned Nations Summit
Children Testify Before CongressChildren Testify Before Congress Record Coin SaleRecord Coin Sale
Gas ShortageGas Shortage
Many Americans found themselves waiting in long lines to get gas in 1979. Worse, many who finally made it to the head of the line found that the gas pumps were closed.
Rising Food PricesRising Food Prices
Illustrating the Dangers of SmokingIllustrating the Dangers of Smoking Selling Oxygen in DenverSelling Oxygen in Denver

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