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Air Pollution in the CountryAir Pollution in the Country
Cyclamates BannedCyclamates Banned On October 18, 1969, the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare banned future production of food products containing cyclamates (used in some artificial sweeteners), which had been shown to cause cancer in rats.
Moon Rocks On DisplayMoon Rocks On Display When the Apollo 11 astronauts returned from the Moon they brought with them about 50 pounds of lunar soil and rocks, giving Earth-bound scientists their first ever opportunity to directly study the Moon's geology.
Niagara Falls Turned OffNiagara Falls Turned Off
A Rash of HijackingsA Rash of Highjackings More than 50 airline flights were hijacked during 1969. Many of the hijackers simply wanted to get to Cuba and released their hostages unharmed upon reaching their destination, but there were some very notable exceptions.
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