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Awards and Honors in 1967

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Academy of American Poets
Lamont Award James Scully, assistant professor of English, University of Connecticut, for his first book of poems, The Marches (1967)

Acoustical Society of America
Gold Medal Vern O. Knudsen, chancellor emeritus of the University of California, Los Angeles, "for research into the propagation of acoustical waves through air and the sea"

Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation
Medical Journalism Award: Magazine Lawrence Lessing for his series "The Biology Revolution" in Fortune; Albert Rosenfeld, Life medical and science editor, "for the consistent excellence of the magazine's medical articles in recent years"
Medical Journalism Award: Newspaper Barbara Yuncker for her series "The Pill" in The New York Post
Medical Journalism Award: Television American Broadcasting Company for its program "The Long Childhood of Timmy," about mental retardation; Station WXYZ-TV, Detroit, Michigan, for "Red Measles Sunday," a program promoting a mass inoculation drive
Medical Research Award: Basic Research Bernard B. Brodie, director of the National Heart Institute Chemical Pharmacology Laboratory, "for 30 years of research into what happens to drugs taken into the body"
Medical Research Award: Clinical Research Robert A. Phillips, director of the Pakistan-Southeast Asia Treaty Organization Cholera Research Laboratory in Dacca, East Pakistan, who developed a technique of intravenously feeding sodium bicarbonate and saline solutions to cholera patients to replace the body fluids
Public Service Health Award Democratic U.S. Representative Claude Pepper of Florida for his interest in medical legislation in Congress

American Academy of Arts and Letters & National Institute of Arts and Letters
Award of Merit painting -- John Heliker, assistant professor of painting, Columbia University
Awards in Art Bryon Burford, Jared French, Stephen Greene, Leo Kenney, Dennis Leon, Hugh Townley, and Louis Tytell
Awards in Literature poet Philip Booth, novelist and short-story writer Hortense Calisher, poet and essayist Daniel Hoffman, critic Stanley Edgar Hyman, critic and historian Bernard M.W. Knox, novelist Walker Percy, and novelist David Wagoner
Awards in Music composers George H. Crumb, Donald Martino, Julian Orbon, and Charles Wuorinen
Gold Medals Katherine Anne Porter (fiction) and Arthur M. Schlesinger (history and biography)
Marjorie Peabody Waite Award Stringfellow Barr, historian, critic, and essayist
Rosenthal Foundation Awards painter Robert D'Arista and novelist Thomas Pynchon
Traveling Fellowship in Literature A.R. Ammons, poet

American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Emerson-Thoreau Award Joseph Wood Krutch, literary and dramatic critic, and conservationist

American Chemical Society
Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry Columbia University professor Gilbert J. Stork, known for his achievements in the synthesis of terpenes and techniques for preparing organic compounds
Priestley Medal Ralph A. Connor, educator and manufacturing executive, for his achievements as a teacher, research chemist, and administrator

American Library Association
Beta Phi Mu Award and the Isadore Gilbert Mudge Citation Louis Shores, retired dean of the library school at Florida State University
E.P. Dutton-John Macrae Award Clayton E. Rhodes, school liason librarian, Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Maryland
Grolier Award Lura E. Crawford, librarian and director of library services, Oak Park and River Forest High School, Oak Park, Illinois, for achievement in guiding and stimulating the reading of children and young people
Halsey W. Wilson Library Recruitment Award the Pioneer Library System of Rochester, New York, for its summer internship program to interest college students in library careers
The J. Morris Jones-World Book Encyclopedia-ALA Goals Award the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of ALA, for establishing a junior college library information center, and to the American Library Trustee Association, another ALA division, for an extensive program to strenghten, revitalize, and organize state associations
Lippincott Award Edmon Low, librarian, Oklahoma State University
Melcher Scholarship Florence L. Wilson of Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Melvil Dewey Medal Walter H. Kaiser, librarian, Wayne County Library, Wayne, Michigan

American Physical Society
High Polymer Physics Prize Julian H. Gibbs, chairman of the Chemistry Department at Brown University, and E.A. Di Marzio for their theory of the glass transition and their contribution to the theory of the helix-coil transition in biological macro-molecules
Irving Langmuir Prize University of Florida professor John Clarke Slater for his analysis of the mechanics which bond in molcules and solids
Oliver E. Buckley Solid State Physics Prize Professor Harry G. Drickamer of the University of Illinois for work on the effects of extreme pressures on the electronic and molecular structures of solids

American Psychological Foundation
Distinguished Science Writers Award Gay Gaer Luce and Julius Siegal for their book Sleep

American Society of Civil Engineers
Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award the St. Louis Gateway Arch

American Society of Plant Physiologists
Kettering Award University of Illinois professor Eugene I. Rabinowitch for his scientific contributions on photosynthesis

Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies Award
Gilberto Freyre, Brazilian anthropologist, sociologist, and author of The Mansions and the Shanties: The Making of Modern Brazil and other books

Australian Society of Writers
Sir Thomas White Memorial Prize Hugh Edwards for Islands of Angry Ghosts

B'nai B'rith
Jewish Heritage Award Maurice Samuel, author and lecturer, for "positive contributions to contemporary literature by his authentic interpretation of Jewish life and values"

Brandeis University
Creative Arts Awards architects Kevin Roche and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe; composers Ross Lee Finney and Claudio Spies; poets Conrad Aiken and May Swenson; choreographer and director Jerome Robbins; theatrical producer Ellen Stewart; literary critic Kenneth Burke

British Royal Astronomical Society
Eddington Medal Robert F. Christy, professor of physics, California Institute of Technology, for work on the nonlinear theory of pulsating stars
Gold Medals Professor Hannes Alfvén of the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology for fundamental research on cosmical electrodynamics; Allan Rex Sandage of the Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories for the history of the galaxy, optical data basic to modern cosmology, and fundamental work on stellar evolution

Columbia University
Frederic Bancroft Prizes William W. Freehling for Prelude to Civil War: The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina, 1816-1836; Charles Sellers for James K. Polk, Continentalist: 1843-1846; and James Sterling Young for The Washington Community, 1800-1828
Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize Luis F. Leloir, biochemistry professor, Buenos Aires University, for his discovery of the nucleoside diphosphate sugars and the importance of these compounds in the biochemical production of carbohydrates

Dag Hammarskjöld Awards
Artistic Prize Leonard Bernstein, music director, New York Philharmonic
Cultural Prize
Clare Boothe Luce, former U.S. Ambassador to Italy
Literary Prize William Manchester, author of The Death of a President

Dickinson College
Joseph Priestley Memorial Award George W. Beadle, chancellor of the University of Chicago and Nobel Prize for Medicine laureate, for his "contributions to mankind through research in biochemistry"

Franklin Institute
Franklin Medal Britton Chance, chairman of the Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry Department, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, whose achievements include the development of extremely sensitive electronic and optical techniques for observing biochemical reactions in living tissues

Freedom House
Freedom Award Roy Wilkins, executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, for outstanding contributions to the cause of human liberty

Freedoms Foundation
Defender of Freedom Award Spec. 5 Carol A. Howland, U.S. Army WAC from Pasadena, California, for her letter entitled "Defending Freedom Safeguards America"
Freedom Leadership Medal Milton Caniff, for "his continued creative editorials and cartoons which brilliantly espouse the precepts of human freedom"
George Washington Award Pfc. Hiram D. Stricklandof Graham, North Carolina, killed in Vietnam on February 1, 1966, who in his last letter home wrote "...Don't mourn me, Mother, for I'm happy I died fighting my country's enemies..."
National Service Medal
Bob Hope, for his many years of entertaining American troops

Harmon International Aviation Trophies
Alvin S. White, for test flight work with the XB-70; U.S. Navy Captain James A. Lovell, Jr., and U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel
Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., for their Gemini XII mission in November 1966; Sheila Scott, for her round-the-world speed records in a single-engine plane

Italian National Academy of the Lynxes
Antonio Feltrinelli Prize for Fiction John R. Dos Passos, journalist and novelist

National Academy of Sciences
Charles Doolittle Walcott Medal Allison R. Palmer, professor, State University of New York, for work in Cambrian geology and paleontology
Daniel Giraud Eliot Medal Ernst Mayr, director, Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, for his treatise "Animal Species and Evolution"
Gibbs Brothers Medal A.A.H. Keil, head of the Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for work in the physics of underwater explosions and their effect on ship structures
Kimber Genetics Medal Barbara McClintock of the Carnegie Institution Genetics Research Unit, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, for studies on chromosome structure and function

National Aeronautic Association
Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy Igor I. Sikorsky

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Spingarn Medal Edward W. Brooke, Massachusetts Republican and the first black elected to the U.S. Senate since Reconstruction

National Book Association
Arts and Letters Award Justin Kaplan, for Mr. Clemens and Mark Twain
Fiction Award Bernard Malamud, for The Fixer
History and Biography Award Peter Gay, for The Enlightenment: An Interpretation: The Rise of Modern Paganism
National Medal for Literature Wystan Hugh Auden, British poet
Poetry Award James Merrill, for Nights and Days
Science, Philosophy, and Religion Award Oscar Lewis, for La Vida
Translation of a Classic Award Willard Trask, for his translation from the Italian of History of My Life by Giacomo Casanova
Translation of a Contemporary Work Award Gregory Rabassa, for his translation from the Spanish of Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar

National Endowment for the Arts Awards
poets Louise Bogan, Malcolm Cowley, Kenneth Patchen, John Crowe Ransom, and Yvor Winters

National Medal of Science
Jacob A.B. Bjerknes, professor of meteorology, University of California, Los Angeles; Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, professor of astrophysics, University of Chicago; Henry Eyring, retired dean, University of Utah Graduate School; Edward F. Knipling, director, Entomology Research Division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture; Fritz Albert Lipmann, Nobel Medicine laureate and professor of biochemistry, Rockefeller University; John Willard Milnor, professor of mathematics, Princeton University; William C. Rose, professor emeritus of biochemistry research, University of Illinois; Claude E. Shannon, Donner professor of science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; John H. Van Vleck, Hollis professor of mathematics and natural philosophy, Harvard University; Sewall Wright, professor emeritus of genetics, University of Wisconsin; Vladimir K. Zworykin, honorary vice-president, Radio Corporation of America
[for specific information about each recipient's qualifications for the medal see]

Nobel Prizes

Pacific Science Center
Arches of Science Award James B. Conant, former professor of organic chemistry and president of Harvard University

Poetry Society of America
Alice Fay di Castagnola Award Gustav Davidson, for The Poets and Their Angels (unpublished at time of award)
Gold Medal for Distinguished Service Marianne Moore
Melville Cane Award Lawrence R. Thompson, for Robert Frost: The Early Years, 1874-1915
Shelley Award Anne Sexton

Royal Canadian Geographical Society
Massey Medal John R. Mackay, professor of geography, University of British Columbia, internationally known for his work in physical geography

Royal Society of British Architects
Gold Medal Nikolaus Pevsner, professor of art history, Birkbeck College, University of London, and editor/author of almost all Buildings of England books

Saturday Review
Ainsfield Wolf Award Oscar Lewis, author of La Vida, on slum life in New York and Puerto Rico; David Brion Davis for The Problem of Slavery in Western Culture

Science Talent Search finalists
Nevin Morris Summers, Jr.
Science Talent Search
$7,500 Scholarship Nevins Morris Summers, Jr., a 17-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida, for his study of the biochemicalprocesses involved in the hardening of the shells of fiddler crabs
$6,000 Scholarship Steven R. Binder, 17, of Glenview, Illinois
$5,000 Scholarship Daniel P. Weisser, 17, of Washington, D.C.
$4,000 Scholarship Frank A. Wilczek, 15, of Glen Oaks, New York
$3,000 Scholarship Mark R. Cullen, 16, of Wyncote, Pennsylvania

left, top: Some of the 40 finalists in the Science Talent Search, with Vice-President Hubert Humphrey at the awards banquet.
left, bottom: Nevin Morris Summers, Jr., top winner of the Talent Search.
right, top: Steven R. Binder won a scholarship for his project "Bidentate Sulfate Complexes," which proved the nature of the chemical bonding between cobalt and sulfide ions.
right, bottom: Daniel P. Weisser's work on the "L" series, a series of numbers in which relationships between them repeat themselves, earned him a third-place scholarship.

Steven R. Binder
Daniel P. Weisser

Society of Architectural Historians
Alice Davis Hitchcock Award Jayne Wrightsman (pen name Richard Krautheimer), author of Early Christian and Byzantine Architecture

United Nations
Fridtjof Nansen Medal Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who, as director of a campaign, raised $18 million in 1966 for refugees in Africa and Asia

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
Kalinga Prize Paul Couderc, French astronomer and author of several popular astronomy books

U.S. Atomic Energy Commission
Ernest O. Lawrence Memorial Award Mortimer M. Elkind, National Institutes of Health, "for his discovery that mammalian cells are capable of recovering in large measure from the damaging effects of radiation"; John Melvin Googin, Y-12 Plant, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, "for his many contributions to the development of production processes involving the separation of materials important to the nuclear energy program"; Allan F. Henry, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory in Pennsylvania, "for developing the first comprehensive theoretical description of the reactor kinetics of a pressurized water nuclear plant"; Robert Thorn of the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratoryin New Mexico for work on the essential calculations for weapon designs; John O. Rasmussen, senior staff member of the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, California, an authority in nuclear chemistry and physics, including the miscroscopic model of nuclear structure

U.S. Atoms for Peace Award
Bertrand L. Goldschmidt, director of the French Atomic Energy Commission and his country's permanent representative on the International Atomic Energy Agency Counsel of Governors; W. Bennett Lewis, senior vice-president, Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd., and Canadian representative, United Nationas Scientific Advisory Committee; Isidor I. Rabi, professor, Columbia University and Nobel Prize for Physics laureate, credited as the originator of the first international nuclear research laboratory

Vernon Stouffer Foundation
Medical Award Peter Holtz, West German pharmacologist; Ulf S. von Euler, Swedish physiologist; John W. Cornforth and George J. Popjak, both of London, England, codirectors of Shell Research Milstead Laboratory of Chemical Enzymology

West German Publishers and Booksellers Association
International Peace Prize Ernst Bloch, German philosopher and author of Das Prinzip Hoffmung (Hope as a Principle), a critical study of social utopias

Yale University
Bollingen Poetry Prize Robert Penn Warren
Yale Series of Younger Poets Award Helen Chasin for Coming Close, to be published in early 1968

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