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Disasters in 1964


February 9 An explosion in the Shui Kang coal mine, at Keelung, Formosa, killed 17 men.

May 25 A fire in a gold mine at Prestea, Ghana, killed 12 miners.

June 12 An explosion in a mine in northern Afghanistan killed 74 men.

July 27 Fourteen men were trapped by a cave-in in a limestone mine near Champagnola, France; 9 were rescued 8 days later, but the others were not located.

December 20 A gas and dust explosion in a coal mine at Goyllarisquizga, Peru, killed 57 men.


January 18 An earthquake killed about 100 persons in southern Formosa.

January 20 Floods in the Jequitinhonha River Valley of Brazil killed at least 60 persons.

March 4 Tornadoes in the southern United States killed six persons.

March 8-17 Floods in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana killed 15 persons.

Alaska earthquake March 27 An earthquake killed at least 60 persons in Alaska. The heaviest damage was reported from Anchorage, but Kodiak Island was also devastated by an after-quake tidal wave. [about the earthquake]

Collapse of Fourth Avenue near C Street, Anchorage, due to earthquake-caused landslide.

March 27-29 A tidal wave, set off by the Alaska earthquake, hit Crescent City, California, killing at least 12 persons.

April 3 A tornado in the northwestern suburbs of Wichita Falls, Texas, including Sheppard Air Force Base, killed 7 persons.

April 10-12 A cyclone killed about 2,000 persons in the Jessore district of East Pakistan.

April 11 Tornadoes in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri,and Nebraska, and a dust storm in Oklahoma, killed 6 persons.

April 24 A landslide in the village of Lobato, Brazil, killed about 40 persons.

May 8 A tornado killed 10 persons in southwestern Michigan. The worst hit area was Chesterfield Township.

June 8-10 Heavy rains and melting snow caused flooding in northern Montana, which in turn led to dam failures; at least 30 persons were killed.

Niigata port after the earthquake and tsunami June 16 An earthquake hit Niigata, Yamagata, and Akita prefectures, Japan, killing about 30 persons. The greatest damage was reported from Niigata city, Japan's largest petroleum- and natural gas-producing center, where exploding oil tanks set off fires. A tsunami also destroyed the city's port. [about the earthquake]

The Niigata port following the after-earthquake tsunami.

June 30 Typhoon Winnie killed at least 16 persons in the northern Philippines.

July 5 An earthquake killed about 40 persons in Guerrero State, Mexico.

July 7 A snow slide on the Mont Blanc peak of Aiguille Verte, near Chamonix, France, killed 14 climbers.

July 17-19 Torrential rains, floods, and landslides killed more than 100 persons in Japan. Shimane Prefecture was the hardest hit area.

August 15 Heavy rains contributed to the deaths of about 70 persons in South Korea.

Miami after Hurricane Cleo August 22-24 Hurricane Cleo killed 14 persons on Guadeloupe Island, and 124 in southern Haiti. The hurricane then continued up through Florida and along the southeastern coast of the United States before moving out to sea, causing damage, but no fatalities, along the way.

Downtown Miami, Florida, after being struck by Hurricane Cleo.

August 25 Typhoon Kathy killed 13 persons on Kyushu Island, Japan.

September 5 Typhoon Ruby killed at least 30 persons in Hong Kong and Portuguese Macao.

September 8 Hurricane Dora struck 100 miles of the Florida coast. Two U.S. Navy fliers were killed as they took off from the Sanford Naval Air Station.

September 13 A rainstorm, flood, and landslides killed about 420 persons in central South Korea.

September 25 Typhoon Wilda struck the west coast of Japan, killing more than 30 persons.

September 29 An irrigation reservoir broke following a three-day rain. About 1,000 persons died as water surged through Macherla, India.

October 3 A tornado spawned by Hurricane Hilda killed 19 persons in Larose, Louisiana.

October 6 A series of earthquakes killed at least 30 persons in northwestern Turkey.

October 10 A landslide killed 22 persons in Wanli, Formosa.

October 13-14 Hurricane Isbell killed 4 persons in Cuba, and 1 in Florida.

October 13 Three landslides, caused by heavy rains, killed 13 persons in Anatolia, Turkey.
October 13 Typhoon Dot claimed at least 22 lives in Hong Kong.

November 20 Typhoon Louise killed 200-300 persons in the southern provinces of the Philippines.

December 14 Floods in Khanhhoa and Ninhthuan provinces of South Vietnam killed 500 persons.

December 22-27 At least 40 persons died when rain and melting snow brought floods to northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada.

December 23 A cyclone and tidal wave swept Dhanushkodi Islet in the Gulf of Mannar and northeastern Ceylon, killing more than 2,000 persons.


January 4 A commuter train ran into a standing passenger train in Jajinci, Yugoslavia, killing 66 persons.

February 1 An express train ran head-on into a standing freight tain in Altamirano, Argentina. Both engines exploded, showering the coaches with burning diesel fuel. About 70 persons were killed.

July 26 A train derailment killed 94 persons at Custoias, Portugal.

October 16 Ninety-four persons were killed when a train derailed at Custoias, Portugal.

November 1 An express train ran head-on into the engine of a freight train near Langhagen, East Germany, killing 39 persons.

November 30 An unattended diesel locomotive smashed into Saigon, South Vietnam's, main railway station, killing 17 persons.

December 20 A freight train ran into a stopped passenger train at Tacotalpa, Mexico, killing 41 persons.


January 15 A 12-story apartment building under construction in Paris, France, collapsed, killing at least 15 workers.

April 4 A two-story school building collapsed in Madurai, India, killing 38 students and 2 teachers.

August 23 A bridge over Caromi River Falls, in Venezuela, collapsed, killing at least 30 sightseers.

October 2 A five-story apartment building collapsed in Cairo, United Arab Republic, killing at least 24 persons.

November 6 A nearly completed 15-story building collapsed in Piracicaba, Brazil, killing about 50 persons.


February 14 Thirty-six persons drowned when a bus fell into a river near Resende, Brazil.

February 15 A truck taking children to a festival skidded and fell into the Jhelum River near Rawalpindi, West Pakistan, killing 40 children.

February 16 A truck fell into a lake near Sargodha, West Pakistan, drowning 26 children.

April 6 A bus plunged into the Alucura River near Sebinkarahisar, Turkey, killing 35 persons.

June 14 A truck ran off a mountain road into a lake near Rize, Turkey, killing 23 children.

June 16 A Continental Trailways bus fell off the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (in Louisiana); 6 passengers drowned. Two gravel barges rammed into the bridge pilings, and four sections of the roadway fell into the lake just as the bus came along. [contemporary news account]

July 11 A truck ran into the railing of a canal bridge on which a crowd was gathered to watch the Tour de France, near Bergerac, France. The truck plunged into the canal and swept some 30 persons into the water with it; 10 of the 30 drowned. [contemporary news account]

July 27 A bus fell off a railroad bridge near Vittel, France, killing 19 persons.

August 16 A bus plunged into a ravine near Bourg-St. Maurice, France, killing 17 young campers.

August 29 Failing brakes caused a bus to plunge into a ravine near Zempala, Mexico, killing 20 persons.

September 20 Bad brakes caused a bus to plunge 500 feet down a cliff near Paso, Colombia, killing 25 persons.

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