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Anti-Nuclear Movements in 1963

Volunteers at the London, England, headquarters of the Committee of 100, which, during the Easter season, distributed pamphlets listing the names and locations of secret government installations prepared for use in the event of nuclear war.
Committee of 100

Demonstrators parade between Parliament buildings and the U. S. Embassy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on May 20 to protest against meetings planned by NATO ministers. More than 200 members of the Canadian Peace Congress and the Youth Committee for Nuclear Disarmament participated in the demonstration.
anti-nuclear protest in Ottawa

Members of the Women's Strike for Peace movement bearing nuclear disarmament posters during a demonstration outside the United Nations headquarters on November 1.
Women's Strike for Peace

London, England, policemen ptotect a "sit-downer" protesting against nuclear testing.
sit-down protest

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The Robinson Library >> In The Year... >> 1963

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