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Entertainment News and Highlights

Celebrity Marriages

Broadway librettist Richard Adler married British actress Sally Ann Howes in Arlington, Virginia, on January 3.

Actress Jayne Manfield and former Mr. Universe Miklos Hargitay were married in Redondo, California, on January 13.

Actor Edward G. Robinson and dress designer Jane Adler were married in Arlington, Virginia, on January 16.

Actress Rita Hayworth married movie producer James Hill in Beverly Hills, California,on February 2.

Singer Gisele MacKenzie married her manager Robert Shuttleworth in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 24.

Actress Paulette Goddard and author Erich Maria Remarque were married in Branford, Connecticut, on February 25.

Author François Sagan and her publisher Guy Schoeller were married in Paris, France, on March 13.
Francois Sagan and Guy Schroeller drive away from Paris Town Hall after their marriage
Francois Sagan and Guy Schoeller

Singer Margaret Whiting and movie equipment executive John Richard Moore were married in Los Angeles, California, on April 13.

Lee Ann Meriwether, Miss America of 1955, married actor Frank Aletter in San Francisco, California, on April 20.
Lee Ann Meriwether and Frank Aletter after their marriage ceremony
Lee Ann Meriwether and Frank Aletter

Dennis Crosby, son of Bing Crosby, married showgirl Pat Sheehan in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 4.
Dennis Crosby and Pat Sheehan
Dennis Crosby and Pat Sheehan

Actor Tyrone Power married Deborah Minardos in Tunica, Mississippi, on May 7.

Pulitzer Prize-winning author John Hersey married Barbara Day Addams Kaufman in Fairfield, Connecticut, on June 2.

Actor-producer Jack Webb married actress Jackie Loughery in Van Nuys, California, on June 24.

Anthony B. Firestone, tire and rubber company heir, and Catherine Boulton, a dancer with the Royal Ballet of Britain, were married in Guilford, England, on June 26.
Anthony Firestone and Catherine Boulton leave the Guilford church where the bride's father performed their marriage ceremony
Anthony Firestone and Catherine Boulton

Actress Miyoshi Umeki and television director Frederick W. Opie were married in Van Nuys, California, on July 23.

Actress Kim Stanley and actor Alfred Ryder were married in New York City, New York, on August 1.

Marie Dionne became the third of four surviving Dionne quintuplets to marry when she married Florent Houle, a court clerk, in Montreal, Canada, on August 11.

Samuel Sherman Adams, son of presidential assistant Sherman Adams, married Nancy Morris in Lincoln, Massachusetts, on August 23.
Samuel Sherman Adams and Nancy Morris
Samuel Sherman Adams and Nancy Morris

Actress Jean Seberg and French attorney François Moreuil were married in Marshalltown, Iowa, on September 6.

Phillip Crosby, twin brother of Dennis Crosby, married dancer Sandra Drummond in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 25.

Charlotte Sheffield, Miss United States of 1958, and M. Richard Maxfield, a university student, were married in Salt Lake City, Utah, on December 20.

Actress Ingrid Bergman married film and theatrical producer Lars Schmidt in London, England, on December 21.

Marian McKnight, Miss America of 1957, and Army Private Gareth Carmody were married in Hollywood, California, on December 21.

Other News

Singer Elvis Presley was inducted into the U.S. Army in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 24.
the picture at left shows Elvis Presley after he lost his signature hair to the U.S. Army
Elvis Presley

Comedienne Gracie Allen retired from show business in May. Her husband, George Burns, continued his weekly television show, however.


Popular attention was focused on dance by the U.S. debut of the Moiseyev Dance Company, a highly skilled and brilliantly theatrical folk ensemble from Russia, which played to sold-out houses at the Metropolitan Opera House for three weeks, toured the country, and then returned to New York for performances at Madison Square Garden and an hour-long television program.
Moiseyev Dance Troupe Moiseyev Moiseyev Dance Company

The New York City Ballet toured the Orient in the spring.

The American Ballet Theatre made an extensive tour of Europe, including an appearance at the Brussels World's Fair.

Motion Pictures

The Bridge on the River Kwai was the top-grossing film of 1958.

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Soprano Maria Callas caused a near riot on opening night at the Rome Opera on January 2 when she walked out during a performance of Norma, claiming temporary hoarseness. Callas was dropped from the New York Metropolitan Opera when her contract was canceled on November 6 by general manager Rudolf Bing after she refused to sing a specified programming of operas.
Maria Callas rehearsing the fourth act of Norma in Rome
Maria Callas
Maria Callas and Rudolf Bing appeared to be on good terms in February 1958
Maria Callas and Rudolph Bing

The Metropolitan Opera Company of New York opened its season with the world premiere of Samuel Barber's Vanessa, with text by Gian-Carlo Menotti. Hailed as one of the finest native operas, Barber won a 1958 Pulitzer Prize for its composition.
a scene from 'Vanessa,' with Eleanor Steber (center) in the title role; Rosalind Elias is at right, Regina Resik is at left

The New York City Center Opera Company presented a season of ten operas composed solely by Americans. A Ford Foundation grant of $105,000 helped defray costs.

Two important new operas of 1958 were Murder in the Cathedral (music by Ildebrando Pizzetti, Italian text based on the play by T. S. Eliot) and I Treni (The Mourning Songs), by Igor Stravinsky.

The Merchant of Venice, an oepra by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, won first prize of $8,000 in the La Scala Opera's international competition.


The total number of television sets in use by Americans exceeded 46 million in 1958.

The biggest television story of 1958 was the cancellation of most of the big-money quiz shows following chares that many of them were fixed.

Westerns occupied four out of the top five places in the Nielsen ratings in 1958, but variety shows also enjoyed great popularity.

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There were 77 shows produced on Broadway during the 1957-1958 season, and about 70 others were staged "off Broadway."

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Rita Hayworth
Madison Square Garden
Brussels World's Fair

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